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Multiple Brands? No Problem.

Ghost Kitchen Management

Integrate multiple menus and brands into one unified platform. Launch a custom online ordering platform and mobile app, receive orders from third parties, and automatically handle royalties for all of your brands!

Your Own Site and Application

Entice guests to order from multiple brands in one place!

Franpos Ghost Kitchen Management allows your guests to order anything across any of your brand’s menus, all at once! Franpos will build your mobile site ordering system and phone applications so you can focus on growing your business.

Receive Orders From All Parties

Our system will automatically populate orders coming in from any third-party site!

No matter where your orders are coming in from, they’ll all appear centralized in your very own Kitchen Display System. Reduce confusion and keep meals flying as everything arrives right at the same spot!

Multiple-Brand Integration

Seemless menu consolidation means operations are easier than ever!

The Franpos Ghost Kitchen Management System can handle multiple menus with ease and let your store handoff to delivery drivers faster than ever before! No more logging in and out of accounts-everything is in one place!

Distribution of Revenue

Complex royalty agreements? Not a problem for Franpos!

Automatically handle royalty fees for your various brands with the Franpos system, down to the item and separated flawlessly. No admin work required-just set the royalties and let the Franpos system do the rest!

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