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Franpos Partner Program

Generate revenue, add value and attract happier customers with the #1 Cloud-Based POS System for SMBs and Franchises.

We make reselling Franpos easy by closing the deals for you. Perfect for ISOs, merchant service companies, franchises and more!


Partnering And Reselling With Franpos Is Easy. We Sell And Close Your Deals For You.

Franpos does the work.
You get the bonuses and commissions.

You have enough on your plate. Why continue to add additional software or POS training to your to do list when you can consolidate them into one easy to use system? With Franpos, you can easily recommend our “all-in-one” POS solution to your prospects and customers…without having to learn another system. Plus, you can integrate your current solutions into agnostic platform.

You’ll love our white glove service where we demo, follow up and close leads on your behalf. We do the work, and you get the commissions! Upfront bonuses and uninterrupted payments without having to share your merchant processing profits.

Robust Software Paired With Top-Notch Hardware

Grow your customers' business and your profits.
Everything your customers need is included.

Delight your customers with our award-winning all-in-one POS system and business management platform that is designed to simplify operations, lower costs and increase sales. Franpos is one of the few payment agonistic platforms that works perfectly with retail, quick service restaurants and salon/spa industries.

Earn more with us and keep 100% of your merchant processing fees. Pair your merchant processing system with Franpos to boost your monthly revenue.

Robust Software Paired With Top-Notch Hardware

Franpos Is The Answer To Your Customers' Needs

Functionality for any franchise system. State of the art devices. Everything to run and scale is included.

Points Of Purchase

Capture data from every source and improve day-to-day operation

Growth Marketing

Smart, automated marketing technology to personalize customer experience

3rd Party Delivery

Sync all 3rd party delivery order right into Franpos cloud which then syncs to POS

Enterprise Management

Manage employees, items, vendors and locations from a single command center


Search and sort customers to analyze purchase history and predict future spending

Financial Connector

Built-on connector for QuickBooks online and API or any other Financial systems

Loyalty & Gift Card

Facilitate value-delivery and reward your customers with built-in loyalty program and multi-location gift cards

Royalties & ACH

Automatically collects from all channels and generates reports across locations

3rd Party Integration

Take advantage of 3rd party integrations for payroll with Gusto

Branded Consumer App

Full branded app with mobile ordering, rewards, reorders, Apple Pay, Google Pay for Apple and Android

Supported Processors

Canadian Payment Processing

Supported Terminals



ICT 250



Join Today And See the Difference

Generate revenue, add value and attract happier customers with the #1 Cloud-Based Franchise POS System.

Select Your Partnership Program

We have one of the most unique partner programs on the market
Program Benefits:



Overview The Silver Partner Program is best for small ISO offices and small VARs. Simply qualify the merchant to be in one of the 3 supported verticals, setup a demo with Franpos, and Franpos will take care of the rest. The Gold Partner Program is best for medium ISO offices with over 10+ agents. Simply qualify the merchant to be in one of the 3 supported verticals, setup a demo with Franpos, and Franpos will take care of the rest.
Buy rate for software and hardware N/A Franpos will offer a buy rate for the software and hardware below MSRP.
One-time referral commission Yes N/A
Access to hardware for demo 40% off MSRP 50% off MSRP
Access to marketing One-pager PDF flyer One-pager pdf flyer, co-branded website, tradeshow assistance
Access to demo accounts Up to 3 demo accounts Up to 10 demo accounts
Merchant services Keep 100% of merchant services Keep 100% of merchant services
Program Requirements:



Ramp up time N/A 90 days
Minimum referral 1-5 merchants / month 15+ merchants / month
Setup fee $199 $399
Monthly Fee 0 0
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How the Partner Program Works

Reselling with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Schedule demos for your prospects and customers with Franpos.

No need to sit through product training to learn our platform. Book a demo for your prospect, and we will take care of the rest.

Franpos will demo our platform with your merchant processing service and close the deals for you

With our white glove reseller process, Franpos will conduct the discovery, demo and follow up with the prospect.

Cha-ching! Get paid.

Generate recurring monthly revenue for each customer we close together. Easily track your earnings in our system of the deals we won.


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