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3 Technologies Ice Cream Shops Need to Implement

Selling ice cream in the summer seems like a simple business plan. No need for fancy equipment or aggressive marketing—as the summer heats up, so do sales! Right?


Ice cream shop owners need to consider multiple technologies to grow their business. It’s easy to think this isn’t necessary, but truthfully, these technologies can only help grow a business.


Here are three technologies ice cream shops need to implement in order to grow.

Growth Marketing


If you don’t have a customer relations management system or Growth Marketing system in place, you’re missing out on lots of valuable sales!


By asking for your customer’s contact info at the point of sale, you’re able to maintain deep relationships with those customers over time. And, you’ll be able to effectively turn these customers into lifetimes lovers of your ice cream!


Systems like Franpos enable you to unlock the power of your customers and keep them up to date on your business through automated messages.


This lets you focus on ice cream while automated technology helps you grow your business!


Back End Management


Back-end technologies do the dirty, boring work for you—by handling your time clock, your sales, and your inventory.


Managing your inventory is incredibly important as well, as you’ll need to know how much product to order and when.


Your point of sale system needs to be able to export all of this data at a moment’s notice, so you’ll be able to plan ahead, manage labor costs, and keep selling!




Our final piece of technology to recommend is getting an online store going! It’s really important to maintain an online presence in any capacity, but specific to ice cream shops, it is mission-critical.


With an online store, you can sell products in advance, sell quarts or gallons of your ice cream, and even sell ancillary products and services. There are many reasons why ice cream shops specifically need to do this, but for any business, in 2021, you need to be online!


Getting Started


Getting started with these technologies is easier than you think! Buying them all separately can be a hassle, but with Franpos, all of these technologies are built right into your register! There is one monthly fee and no hidden costs. Grow your ice cream shop with the system that powers Menchies and hundreds of other shops around the world!


In any case, make sure you’re doing all you can to grow your ice cream shop, investing in the latest technologies, and making sure your next few months are the best yet!

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