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Amplify Your Reach, Accelerate Your Sell-Through Rates​

Are you a pet food manufacturer looking to expand your market reach and optimize your sell-through rates?

Look no further than!

Here's why you should partner with us:​

Expansive Retailer Network:

Join our platform to gain access to a vast network of retailers actively seeking high-quality pet products. We provide the ideal marketplace to showcase your products to a broader audience.​

Direct Retailer Connections:

Forge direct relationships with retailers looking for pet products. Cut through the middleman and connect with retailers who share your dedication to pet health and well-being.

Sell-Through Rate Optimization:

Our platform is designed to enhance your sell-through rates. By connecting you directly with retailers, we minimize inventory turnover times and maximize product visibility. Expect faster sales and increased brand exposure

Cost-Effective Distribution:

Reduce distribution costs and complexities by working with a platform that streamlines the process. We help you efficiently reach retailers, ensuring timely delivery and lower operational overhead.​

Costs: 0% commission:

Franpos does not charge any commissions when you to sell your products to the retailers. ​

Payment Processing:

% payment processing cost, Franpos will disburse the monies from Retailer upon shipment of products.​

Data-Driven Insights:

Gain valuable insights into product performance and market trends through our platform. Access data analytics to make informed decisions and fine-tune your product offerings.​

Trusted Platform:

Rest assured, our platform prioritizes security, transparency, and reliability. We're committed to protecting your brand and fostering trust in the marketplace.​

Customer Satisfaction:

By reaching retailers who prioritize quality and value, you'll contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.​

Partner with us to unlock the potential for your brand's growth, expanded reach, and accelerated sell-through rates.

Join us today and watch your pet products thrive in the hands of dedicated retailers. Your success is our success.

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