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Franpos eCommerce, Delivery & POS System for Pet Stores, Groomers, Retailers & More!​

Franpos is the #1 Cloud-Based eCommerce & POS System for Pet Stores, Pet Groomers and Pet Retailers in the Pet Industry!

Finally, an all-in-one solution to help your Pet Business simplify operations, lower costs and increase sales.


Trusted by Pet Businesses Worldwide

Pet Stores



Franpos eCommerce & POS System for Pet Businesses

Cloud-based POS system with best-in-class eCommerce, featuring integrated inventory, real-time reporting and delivery solutions.

With a reliable solution, your pet business can grow quickly.

The Franpos System includes:

1. Cloud-based software that supports Omni-channel Franoos Pay.

2. Register with a Customer Facing Display.

3. Printer, cash drawer, barcode reader and payment device.

4. eCommerce with delivery app.

Growth Marketing Features to Boost your Brand and Skyrocket Sales

Grow your business and attract more customers with smart, automated marketing technology.

The Growth Marketing feature is a popular add-on within the Franpos POS system designed to transform the customer experience with personalized campaigns via email marketing and SMS text messages.


Growth Marketing is all about attracting loyal customers by targeting, capturing, engaging, and retaining them. After all, blanket campaigns are no longer effective with today’s savvy customer. Personalize and automate your marketing efforts to save time so that you can focus on expansion.

Delivery Management

Your Products—Delivered Your Way

With Franpos, you can meet your customers where they are. Get a delivery application with your own branding into the hands of your customers and keep all deliveries in-house with dedicated staff. Or, use Franpos’ open APIs and eCommerce to go with 3rd-party platforms.

Either way, you’ll be able to effortlessly monitor delivery, sync up inventory, and never sell products you don’t have. Ever. 

Pet Companies Using the Franpos

Everything You Need to Run & Scale Your Pet Business

Built-In Features to Simplify Operations & Increase Sales

Manage Your Employees

Set schedules, calculate commission, monitor punch-ins and punch-outs, and more.

Franpos Omni-Channel Payment

Franpos provides a robust omni-channel payment service that supports both online and offline transactions.

Loyalty & Gift Card

Facilitate value-delivery and reward your customers with built-in loyalty program and multi-location gift cards

Astro Loyalty

Franpos is integrated natively with Astro Loyalty. Franpos supports Frequent feeder program and offers.

Real-Time Business Data

Access and manage all your data real time. Deploy and manage multiple locations quickly, affordably, and in real time.

Set Permissions for Users

Protect highly sensitive information by setting access permissions for specific team members.

Stay Up To Date

Franpos will keep you informed on the latest trends, practices, and technological advancements in the world of POS.

Consolidate Your Operations Into One System

No more having to worry about integrations and compatibility.

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated team standing by to help you in the unlikely event of a problem.

Branded Consumer App

Full branded app with mobile ordering, rewards, reorders, Apple Pay, Google Pay for Apple and Android

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The #1 Cloud-Based Franchise POS System for Pet Stores, Groomers, Retailers and More!

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