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One Commerce Platform for All of Retail

As a retail franchise owner, you have enough on your plate. So let Franpos retail POS manage all aspects of your business, from eCommerce and self-delivery to loyalty campaigns, inventory reporting, and much more—and monitor it all from one centralized location, anywhere with an internet connection.

Made to Improve Business Immediately with the Best POS System for Retail

Discover why Franpos retail systems is the “Game Changer” for you

Manage Your Store—Anywhere

Your New Mobile Headquarters

Manage your sales, review franchise locations, and monitor everything, anywhere with an internet connection.  And with real-time reporting, you can reconcile inventory quickly and efficiently—saving you precious time that is better spent serving customers.

Your Retail—Now 24/7

Better eCommerce for Your Business

Connect your physical and digital businesses with built-in, fully integrated eCommerce functionality. Inventory stays up to date whether customers are buying in-store or from the comfort of their homes. The Franpos point of sales system for retail stores allows for custom development of plugins and integration with third-party platforms through accessible APIs.

Get Your Products Into Their Homes

A Better Way to Deliver

Get a delivery application with your own branding into the hands of your customers. Keep all deliveries in sync with your store inventory. Or use Franpos’ open APIs and eCommerce to go with 3rd-party platforms. It’s all up to you!

Driving Customer Obsession

Cultivating Relationships Like Never Before

Allow customers to create an account that is unique to your retail store, increasing repeat sales and loyalty. A fully hand-crafted experience allows you to tailor marketing and promotions to customers based on their favorite products and preferences.

Collect Your Fees with Ease

Take Care of Business Without The Fuss

Our cloud retail POS automatically calculates royalties for franchise operations. Maintain trust between all parties involved through transparency, sales, and KPI goal settings as well as financial reporting.

Our Experts, Your Expertise

Grow Your Retail Business with Industry Experts. 

No time for marketing? No problem. Capitalize on 16 innovative Growth Marketing Campaigns and send automatically via specialized triggers. Or use Franpos Managed Growth Marketing and have industry experts craft creative and generate results for you.

Key Features

Point of Sales System for Retail Stores is Exactly What Retail Franchises Need

Customize It

Our platform is smart and flexible. Tailor it to suit your franchise's needs and integrate with any third-party system you like.

Manage Your Team

Set schedules, calculate commission, monitor punch-ins and punch-outs, and more.

Manage Payment Methods

Accept cash, credit, check, gift card, Apple pay—even Bitcoin, if that´s your thing.

Master Your Business Intelligently

Access and manage all your data in real-time.

Set Permissions for Users

Grant access as it is needed, and make sure your team members have all the tools they need.

Stay Up To Date

Franpos will keep you informed on the latest trends, practices, and technological advancements in the world of POS.

Consolidate Your Operations Into One System

No more having to worry about integrations and compatibility.

Take Your Franchise by the Helm

Deploy and manage multiple locations quickly, affordably, and in real-time.

Enjoy Round-the-Clock Support

We have a dedicated team standing by to help you in the unlikely event of a problem.

Getting Started

Franpos Small Business Retail POS systems Make It Easy

The Old Way

Once upon a time, when you bought a POS system for your stores, you had to pay for each software license, lots of hardware devices, and never-ending updates. This is a thing of the past with Franpos's revolutionary pricing model.

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The Franpos Way

With Franpos, you get an all-in-one solution with software and updates included in a low monthly subscription. Avoid hidden fees and extra hardware costs with a transparent pricing model. Get started today, the FranPOS way.

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World Class Companies Using Franpos Product and Clothing Store POS Solutions

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