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Let's revolutionize the way you source pet products

Set you on a path to compete with industry leaders. Our platform connects manufacturers directly with retailers, streamlining the supply chain and putting affordability at the forefront.

Here's why you should choose us:​

Unbeatable Prices:

By eliminating middlemen, we empower you to secure pet products at highly competitive prices. You'll have the edge to offer cost-effective solutions to your customers, putting you on par with industry giants like Chewy. Franpos takes 0% commissions.​

Diverse Product Selection:

Our marketplace features a vast array of pet products from various manufacturers. Find the right products to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customers, all in one place.​

Simplified Ordering:

Our user-friendly platform makes ordering a breeze. Place, track, and manage your orders effortlessly, saving you valuable time and resources. You can use the web or an app to order.​

Direct Manufacturer Relationships:

We foster direct connections with trusted pet product manufacturers. This ensures product quality, reliability, and the latest offerings, so you can provide the best to your customers.​

Marketing Support:

Benefit from our marketing resources, including product data, images, and descriptions to enhance your online presence and drive sales.​

Trusted Platform:

We prioritize transparency, security, and reliability. Our platform is a trusted space where you can conduct your pet business with peace of mind.​


Reduce your overhead costs, inventory management burdens, and logistical challenges. We offer a cost-efficient solution tailored to your specific needs. See Franpos POS for Pet Retailer.​

Customer Satisfaction:

Happy customers are loyal customers. With affordable, high-quality pet products from, you can enhance customer satisfaction and drive repeat business.​

Join us today and unlock the potential to grow your pet retail business while keeping costs low.

Let’s revolutionize the way you source pet products and set you on a path to compete with industry leaders.​

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