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Running A Pet Store? Here Are 3 Ways to Simplify Your Operations

The verdict is in—and proves that no pandemic could slow down the lucrative and ever-growing pet store industry. It’s a hundred billion-dollar business and continues to grow without fail, year over year.


However, just because pet stores are lucrative on paper doesn’t mean running one is any sort of walk in the park. New business owners to the pet store concept need to find ways to simplify operations and focus on community building, engagement, and other avenues for revenue growth.


Luckily, you don’t need to go into this blind. The more your business operates, the more data you collect—and smart data is the key to continuous growth.


Here are three ways to simplify your operations, and how smart data can mean significant revenue drivers for your business.


Reducing Vendor Bills


The subscription-for-everything model of software is a double-edged sword. Sure, you may be able to access software you may otherwise lack the capital for, but at the end of the day, endless vendors and subscriptions can lead to the dreaded vendor paradox.


The solution? Integrating your various operational needs into a simpler commerce platform like Franpos.


Only Franpos offers everything to run and grow your business in a single, unified platform. Run your very own eCommerce platform, sell products, manage time clocks, market to customers, and much more—all from one system.


Regardless, you need to make sure you’re not falling into the vendor paradox and reduce the time you spend managing third-party relationships.


Automate Your Marketing


Marketing is costly, expensive, and often, you’ll need experts that don’t come cheap to pull the weight for you.


Our advice—skip the experts and become your own in-house marketing team without the time and expertise. Invest in a marketing system that reaches out to your customers based on pre-defined triggers.


For example, if a customer comes and purchases lots of dog food, wouldn’t you want to offer a coupon to incentivize return business? Or send over a free treat coupon on their pet’s birthday?

Using a Managed Growth Marketing Toolset, you can use built-in tools to set up your campaigns and let them run in the background—giving you more time to run your business!


Harness Smart Data


Finally, make sure you’re never making judgment calls in the dark by utilizing powerful smart data tools built into your point of sale.


Take a close look at your numbers and run reports to give you better insights on labor costs, busy seasons and hours, and which SKUs are flying off the shelves.


That way, you can reduce lost revenue through inefficient scheduling and stocking issues. And with the Franpos system, you can even automate your franchise royalty fees if you have them!


So what are you waiting for? Start using these three tips today and make sure you rise with the tide of pet stores in 2022.


And, if you want to take your pet store operations to the next level with a proven commerce platform, schedule your free demo today and see why thousands use Franpos to grow their business!  



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