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Why All-In-One Solutions Work Best for Ice Cream Shops

Selling ice cream is one of the most enjoyable business ventures there is! Who doesn’t like to see smiles on faces when giving out frozen treats on hot summer days?


However, the business of business management is a lot less appealing for many. Juggling different technology options, managing the online store, and selling and marketing in person is just too much for one entrepreneur to handle.

These are just a few of the reasons why all-in-one systems are the best option for those looking to work in the ice cream business. Need more convincing? Read on to see why all-in-one solutions can make turning a profit even easier.


Managing Customers is a Breeze


If you’re looking to grow your business, the best thing to do is to keep communication open with your current customers are rewarding them for being a valued client. By marketing to your clients, you can market to future clients as well through valuable word of mouth!


All-in-one systems make it a breeze to get this done. Powerful Growth Marketing platforms like Franpos can collect your customer’s emails and phone numbers right at the register. That way, you can collect data naturally.


Next, you can draft emails and messages that will be sent to your customers using pre-defined triggers, like when it’s a customer’s birthday, or when they haven’t visited your store in a while. Just one night of setting up these triggers will result in years of messages tailor-made for your customers, being sent automatically!


This enables you to market your business with a set-and-forget strategy that’s easy to master and ready to help you increase revenue!

Selling Online is Easier Than Ever


Want to build up an order-ahead option for your ice cream store, or sell by the gallon?


It’s all possible with built-in eCommerce. With all-in-one systems, any orders placed online go right to your register for fulfillment. Plus, if you run out of a flavor or a topping, this is immediately reflected online and off thanks to synchronized inventory! You’ll never sell products you don’t have and will reduce any heartache from unfulfilled orders.


And, with Franpos, you can get an online website set up quickly with a beautiful template ready to go! Franpos makes it easier than ever to get selling and grow your revenues.


Regardless of who you choose, look for a system that can do it all this summer—and keep your ice cream shop selling smiles for years to come! And, if the Franpos solution sounds right for you, schedule your free demo today and see why Menchies and hundreds of other ice cream shops choose Franpos to help them grow their business.

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