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The State of POS: 2018

We can expect to see a lot of changes to the point of sale (POS) industry in 2018. Many technological advancements are certainly on the horizon, particularly the growth of the cloud-based platform. We’ve constantly been seeing growth in the market for point of sale, but next year will be far more advanced than any of the previous years.

Franpos has developed many ways to fulfill franchise retail business and corporation needs with the plethora of features available today. But next year, Franpos strives to do something never seen before in the point of sale industry. It’ll be able to truly connect businesses with a powerful BI (business intelligence) reporting system that’ll create tremendous impact in sales. Numbers and data are the leading factors in today’s society to improve efficiency. Franpos understands this issue and will truly be able to empower businesses to sell more with smart analytics to the hottest products and services.

Franpos will also be rolling out a restaurant app that makes life easier for the dining industry. Eateries will have access to a smart functional system that can help coordinate sitting and dining experiences for your workers and customers alike. We’ve seen the pain points of F&B businesses and with this new application, restaurants will be armed with technology of tomorrow.

We hope you’ve had a successful year thus far and let’s have a better year in 2017! Happy Holidays from the Franpos family to yours.

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