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Christmas is Coming Sooner Than You Think–Are You Ready?

As September slowly wanes away summer and we head into the autumn months, it’s important to start getting a head start on Christmas planning!


Now you may be thinking, “Christmas already? There are two other holidays first!”


You’re not wrong–and for many stores, Halloween and Thanksgiving/Black Friday are incredibly important. But what’s also worth remembering is that Christmas is the biggest shopping season of the entire year—and it’s never too early to begin to get ready!


So, keep these tips in mind as things begin to cool down and we start up our winter season!

Getting Stock Sorted Out


It’s no secret that supply chains have been hit hard by COVID-19. Your doors may be open, but do you have the ability to keep your store stocked with items?

Before the big winter ordering season starts up, we strongly recommend taking a look at last year’s winter sales and beginning to place those orders now if you have the warehouse space or if your vendors allow you to secure inventory that far in advance!


If you have a point of sale system such as Franpos, getting your stock sorted out is simple–as you can generate customized order reports at the click of a button!


No matter if you use the Franpos system or some other point of sale offering, get this done now so you aren’t left empty-handed when the season starts up!

Start Communicating Early!


The second thing you need to start doing is start talking to your customers about the Christmas season!


You may think it’s too early to begin bombarding customers with messages about Christmas–and in a way, you’re right! What’s important, however, is that you take the time to get your customers acclimated to hearing from you often.


That way, they’ll be an active, engaged audience ready to hear you out about your latest deals!


If you haven’t already done so, open up your Growth Management toolset in your point of sale system and start communicating!


Don’t have one? Systems like Franpos offer this functionality built-in–so you can communicate with your customers en masse with the click of a button.

Final Thoughts


Generally speaking, while many people have different opinions on the appropriate time to start talking about Christmas, we believe it’s never too early to start planning your Christmas season as a business!


If you want to get ahead of the curve and start talking and working with customers earlier than ever, schedule a free demo today and see why so many customers use Franpos during the winter season and beyond to grow their business!  

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