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Clever Ways to Keep Labor Costs Down

Anyone who’s ever run a small business knows that labor costs can be a lot, and we mean a lot. In fact, up to 70% of total business costs go to covering labor in small businesses. It can be a cutthroat world, particularly in the QSR and restaurant industries, where margins are already razor-thin.


The common thing to do would be to sent home excess employees and clamp down on the time clock—but thanks to advancing technologies, there are better ways to keep up with margins. Innovative point of sale and commerce platforms such as Franpos offer store owners and managers ways that they case boost revenues that don’t involve becoming a time clock tyrant.


Check out these clever ways to keep labor costs down, keep employees happy, and keep more money in your pocket at the same time.

Cut Labor Costs Through Innovative Growth Marketing Campaigns


If your store has downtime or a slow season, growth marketing campaigns can put extra employees to work instead of having to send them home.


For example, you can have a flash sale pre-loaded into your point of sale and commerce platform or customer relations program ready to go. That way, when sales drop, you can email and text every customer in your list that everything is 10% off for the rest of that day.


Offering discounts can scare off some business owners. Still, the savvy know that these sorts of low-percentage discounts drive customers inside and drive up revenue to offset any discount given. Growth marketing campaigns can also automatically send out to your biggest spenders after a certain period of inactivity and through a variety of different parameters.

That means more consistent sales and less time worrying about labor.

Use Smart Booking to Keep Labor Costs Low


This tip is perfect for Beauty stores looking to make sure their stylists are booked and tipped more often.


Take the time to set up online booking for your store—that way, your stylists can see appointments coming up in advance and sort out exactly when they need to be in the store. Online booking through products such as Franpos also push appointments directly to your in-store register, so there’s no need to juggle multiple devices.


Beauty stores can also use online booking to know which days have fewer bookings than others and schedule great growth marketing campaigns to make up the difference. That keeps stylists in-store and customers coming in consistently!

Cutting Costs with Franpos

The Franpos point of sale and commerce platform is perfect for implementing solutions like the ones above and much more. Through smart data processing and reports for your business, you can take the time to work smarter—not harder, and keep your employees happily employed without having to worry about labor eating into revenues.


For more information on what solutions you can get from the Franpos solution, reach out to get your free demo scheduled and get started today!

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