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Constructing Your Perfect Customer Relations Strategy

Every business owner knows that talking to customers is an important part of any customer relations strategy, But have you thought about what to say and when?


The truth is, figuring out a customer relations strategy is all too often delegated to a lengthy to-do list that never gets done. It’s absolutely critical that you build a strategy that relies on automation, synchronization, and what works best for your customers.


That’s why we’re going to briefly walk you through the tenets of a proper customer relations strategy—and how you can build one quickly and easily.


The Basics: Birthdays and Anniversaries


Keep in mind that a proper Growth Marketing platform will be needed for this point and all of our points. Don’t have one? Don’t worry! We’ll cover that at the end of our strategy.


Every customer relations strategy starts with the basic communications sent out during birthdays and anniversaries. When collecting your customer’s data at the point of sale or online during eCommerce shopping, you’ll want to make sure that date of birth is a required field.


Then, you can set your automated tools to send out two pre-written messages on two dates—the date of birth and the date your customer signed up for your customer loyalty program. That way, you can send out messages and offer discounts without ever having to remember a birthday!

Special Events


Next, you need to consider the special events your store offers to customers. This may be a receipt day, or possibly an open mic night or seasonal celebration.


Whatever it is, you’ll want to build out pre-written messages for these dates to go out to all of your customers. This will ensure that your customers receive both the unique messages on their birthdays and anniversaries as well as the general ones that go out to everyone.

Getting Advanced—Unique Triggers


With a system like Franpos, you can build your customer relations strategy out based on up to 16 pre-determined triggers. These will send whenever customers generate a certain amount of profit or when customers haven’t visited your store after a certain number of days.


This is the final piece and the most critical component of your customer relations strategy. You’ll need your customers to know that you’re keeping up with their shopping experience—without having to pull out a Rolodex of names.

Getting Started


If you don’t have a Growth Marketing toolset or you’re simply looking to streamline operations, Franpos has you covered.


Only Franpos can implement a wide variety of products that store owners need—such as eCommerce and Delivery Management—into one product designed to grow your business.


Franpos is a total commerce platform, handling sales, time clock, management tools, and so much more. So, as you build out your next great strategy, schedule a free demo with us today to see why thousands of businesses use Franpos to grow!

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