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Customer Relations 101: eCommerce

This week, we’ll be continuing our customer relations series with a detailed exploration of two of the most important aspects of your customer relations—eCommerce and Delivery.


We’ll get to delivery a little bit later this week, but for now, we need to talk about the all-important Internet Age, and how it impacts your business.


We’re going to break this down point by point, but we also need to be extremely clear here: no matter what type of business you have, you need to have an eCommerce platform online.


So, whether you own a coffee shop, pet store, ice cream shop, or any other type of small business, here’s what you need to know about eCommerce.



If You’re Not on eCommerce, You Need to Be


If industry giants like Amazon and eBay have taught us anything, it’s that eCommerce isn’t just a passing fad. eCommerce has been around for a generation, if not longer than that!


eCommerce is a must-have for your business simply because it offers your customers a chance to engage with you beyond the brick-and-mortar experience.


Customers may pass your storefront and consider going inside, but on the Internet, you’ll be able to provide a curated customer experience and relationship without ever handing to shake a hand or make sure you’re open early or late enough.


So, assuming you’ve gone ahead and either set up eCommerce or know its importance, how do you actually make it work for your business?

How to Sell Online


Something that’s important to keep in mind is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to eCommerce. Sure, you’ll be able to access templates and guides, but you need to sit down and really think about what makes the most sense for your business.


If you sell ice cream, does it make more sense to let customers customize treats that’ll melt before arriving home, or does it make more sense to sell by the quart?


Similarly, you need to tailor your online storefront offer only the best your store has to offer—and make sure your high ticket items are front and center each time a customer logs on.


Most of the time, people will go to a Shopify, or a similar online store builder, and try to tediously get their entire store’s items online. While this is certainly an option, we think your time may be better spent leveraging your point of sale instead.

Leveraging Your Point of Sale


Point of sale and commerce systems like Franpos offer excellent opportunities to simplify the eCommerce start-up process. For example, Franpos has your online storefront tied directly to your point of sale. You’ll be able to quickly pick which items are (and are not) listed on your online store.


You won’t have to spend more time uploading items and photos. Plus, with Franpos, you’re able to see all sales right from the register. That way, you never sell items you don’t have and you’ve always got a firm grip on your inventory.


That’s just the beginning of what eCommerce and Franpos can do you for. If you want to learn more about customer relations, be sure to check out the rest of our Customer Relations 101 blog posts.


And, if you’re ready to upgrade your business, schedule your free demo today to see why thousands of businesses use Franpos to manage their customers and grow their businesses.

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