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Customer Relations 101: Growth Marketing

Last week, we spent some time talking about the basics of customer relations for business owners who are either new to the concept or aren’t sure about the benefits of customer relations.


While we discussed the CRM last week, it’s time to move beyond the CRM and start getting into the heart of what you can do with the technology. Growth Marketing is the primary driver behind a CRM and its use, so how that we’ve discussed how a CRM operates, let’s talk a bit more about Growth Marketing, what it is, and why it’s important for your business.

What is Growth Marketing?


Before we get into examples of how to effectively use Growth Marketing, many people see that term and aren’t exactly sure what that means.


Growth Marketing is simply an approach to marketing that’s focused on building consistency and loyalty from those who interact with your business. Think about Growth Marketing as an ongoing way for you to convince your customers to come back time and time again.


There are lots of different ways to focus on customers in this way, such as rearranging your space, menu, offerings, or customer experience to better serve those who come through your doors. However, we’ll be focusing mostly on how you can use your CRM to improve your Growth Marketing.


If you haven’t already, read our previous blog post on the subject to learn more.

Examples and Best Practices


So, you’ve got the hang of Growth Marketing—so now what?


One of the best and easiest ways to set up growth marketing is by using pre-determined triggers and pre-written messages. For example, let’s say a customer hasn’t come by in a week or so and you want to make sure your business is top-of-mind for them. And, let’s say Fridays are the perfect time to visit.


What you can do is set up an automated message to go out on Fridays to anyone who hasn’t visited your store in a week. That way, you can let your customers know you’re thinking about them—without actually having to sit down and write out hundreds of emails.


Another way to use Growth Marketing is to send out messages to big spenders automatically, with rewards and discounts to show your appreciation for their patronage.

The Franpos Solution


There are tons of different ways to use Growth Marketing, but we want you to know that even learning the basics and making simple decisions can have a massive impact on your business.


And with Franpos, you can implement growth marketing with the push of a button! Only Franpos lets you manage all aspects of your business, from Growth Marketing to eCommerce and so much more.


Schedule your free demo today to see why thousands of businesses use Franpos each day.

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