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Easy Ways to Prepare for Father’s Day at Your Pet Store

Father’s Day is coming up fast! And unlike Mother’s Day, it can be tricky to figure out a good gift for Dad—or, a good way to attract customers to your pet store. 


We know that Father’s Day isn’t exactly known for its association with pets, but that may just work to your advantage! In fact, there are a few easy ways to prepare your pet store for a fun and profitable Father’s Day. 


Want to try to make Dad happy? Consider these options for this upcoming Father’s Day!  


Using Your Customer Database  


You may have dozens or hundreds of fathers in your customer database right now—so why not reach out to them! 


One of the most overlooked tricks a point of sale like Franpos offers small business owners is the ability to communicate directly to customers via email and phone. So why not offer your customers a Father’s Day coupon in advance! 


The critical thing about customer database usage is using it multiple times. Send out messages every few weeks reminding them of the coming holiday to slowly help them associate the day with your store! 


Thinking Outside the Box 


Now that we know how to get attention, we need to come up with some creative solutions. 


That’s where you come in. Only you know your pet store inside and out, so there may be opportunities waiting nearby! Maybe you could offer a coupon for Dad’s to come in with their kids—human or animal!  


You could also offer a promotion that gives any dads that visit the chance to come back later for a free gift or possibly a free treat for their pets! That way, you’re encouraging not just one visit, but two!  


Thoughtful Promotions 


Building on our creative considerations from earlier, we can then top off Father’s Day with some thoughtful promotions and gifts. 


Maybe put together some small goodie bags that can be handed out free of charge to any Dad who visits! You can also work with other brands near your store to get free merchandise to go into your goodie bags!  


No matter what you choose to do, we think you should take advantage of the holiday and find fun ways to contribute to your community and grow your business! And if you’re interested in a total solution to help with your customer base and generate more revenue for your business, schedule a free demo today to learn why hundreds of pet stores chose the Franpos solution.  


Happy Father’s Day!  

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