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How Franpos Managed Growth Marketing Grew Revenue 24.6% in One Month

We recently launched a Growth Marketing pilot with one of our clients, Real Deals.

This franchise has over 65+ locations and is continuing to expand across North America. This furniture, décor, and boutique store continues to raise the bar in regards to expanding their customer base and marketing efforts.


During Q3, Franpos truly tested the power of our Growth Marketing technology.

We are going to be discussing the amazing results of this pilot, and how you can apply these Growth Marketing tactics to better your business.

Our Growth Marketing Results 

The results of our Growth Marketing efforts for this Real Deals location were astounding.


Within one month, we were able to generate an additional 24.6% of gross revenue using Franpos Growth Marketing. That is in excess of this location’s normal sales volume!

We calculate our figures based on Incremental Sales, which accounts for the revenue generated and tied directly to a sales promotion offer.

Our campaigns are sent with unique coupon identifiers, so we know with confidence that these sales came as a direct result of our Growth Marketing Pilot!


In short, Franpos Managed Growth Marketing generated an additional 24.6% over the course of a month!


Franpos is proud to be offering powerful resources and services that are truly making a difference for our clients.

Our Strategy


The success of this Growth Marketing campaign was deployed through teamwork, strategy, and powerful technology. 


Our Franpos Growth Marketing Consultants are professionals in creative campaign curation and strategic implementation.


Therefore, Marketing Messaging was strategized, planned, and executed on a cadence of four marks per month which directly impacted sales.


The marketing campaigns were conveyed through SMS/Email content, which offers higher conversion rates than any other marketing channel.


This simple but effective method of sending four SMS & Email messages/monthly to your customer base can have an amazing effect on sales, and customer retention.


Why It Works

SMS/Email Marketing is so successful because these marketing channels have higher conversion rates than any other marketing channels available.


On average, SMS marketing messages have a 98% open rate.


This open rate is higher than any other channel available as of right now, including email and online ads.


Because SMS messages are so personal, it is an amazing way to build a personal relationship with your clients.


One tactic of Growth Marketing is to focus on existing customers because 20% of your current customer base is responsible for 80% of your current and future sales.


The ability to connect with current customers on a personal level is exactly what Franpos Growth Marketing offers.


How It Works


Your Franpos system has the ability to send customized SMS or Email Marketing campaigns to your clients, directly through your Franpos terminal.


Email campaigns can be HTML customized to fit your branding needs.


Our SMS functions allow you to directly insert your brand name and URLs into your text message.


With this feature, customers can order from your eCommerce site directly from the text message, or redeem exclusive coupon codes or promotions in-store.

This ability can streamline ordering processes, by bringing your brand directly to their cellphone.

Final Thoughts

Franpos Managed Growth Marketing brings you the opportunity to directly connect with your customers.


By sending SMS or Email campaigns, you can announce promos, offer exclusive discounts, or even send informational messages that bring your customers closer to your company.


At Franpos, you have the ability to send marketing campaigns directly to your clients.


You can generate an additional 24.6% revenue from your Franpos system!


Click the link to book a free demo with one of our Growth Marketing Consultants to learn more!

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