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Why Getting Your Business Online is More Important Than Ever

As spring turns into summer, more and more people will be out and about, enjoying their year. For many small businesses, the focus will return to in-person shopping and dining, and don’t get us wrong—that’s very important.


However, it’s equally important that your customers have more than one way to access your brand, and if you’re not online setting your products and services, you may be behind the curve.


 The truth is, online shopping is only going to become more important as time goes on. Pandemics aside, customers will continue to seek out the perks of distance shopping, dining, and experiences.


Here are a few reasons why you should be getting your store online and working for you!


Things Will Never Be “Back to Normal” for eCommerce


As we just discussed, things aren’t magically going to return back to how they were in 2019. And while we’re just as excited to get back in person with our clients and guests as much as anyone else, we know that “back to normal” really doesn’t exist.


Customers are used to their distant experiences—and have enjoyed the ability to order, shop, and schedule appointments all at home. Taking those systems away just because they didn’t exist before the pandemic is a dangerous game, as competition continues to pick up.


You’re not the only business looking to make up on lost revenue from 2020 in 2021, so it’s important to say online and give your customers as many ways to interact with your brand as possible.

Your Competition is Already Online!


On that note, it’s also critical to realize that whether or not you’re online, your competition is already there.


80% of customers are going to look into a brand before interacting with it on the internet. Are you happy with the way your website looks on a computer? How about on a phone? Can your customers easily pick out their favorite products and order them in advance? How about scheduling an appointment?


These things are vitally important to manage because, on the internet, you’re competing with far more competition than your closest competitors across the street.


It’s Easier Than Ever – With Franpos


So how do we get online?


Well, with a comprehensive all-in-one solution such as Franpos, it’s never been easier to get a store up and going on the internet.


Franpos isn’t just an eCommerce platform—it’s a total solution for your business. So your stock in-store is reflected online, and you’ll never sell products you don’t have. Plus, your employees can access records right on their cash registers to handle fulfillment, and you can even utilize delivery services such as Postmates to get your products right into your customer’s hands.


Can you imagine selling pet supplies or beauty products and having them be at your customer’s doorstep that very same day? How many small businesses can pull that off?


And for eCommerce, Franpos offers everything you need to get a beautiful website going. No coding required! Our site template works on mobile and desktop, so you can launch quickly and get back to doing what you love. Let us handle the technical stuff for you!


We hope it’s clear why you need to get your business online sooner rather than later. Interested in learning more about our solution? Schedule a free demo today to see why so many brands choose Franpos to grow their business.

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