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Keeping Your Ghost Kitchen Thriving Through 2021 and Beyond

The end of the pandemic is an exciting time for many people! However, for ghost kitchens, the idea of people back out and about in restaurants may be a bit concerning—particularly when your business model revolves around people staying inside.


But don’t worry! While it’s true that more people will be seeking some much-needed time outdoors, there are a number of things that ghost kitchens can do to keep things interesting and keep customers coming in through those delivery apps!


Try out these tips as you navigate a post-COVID environment and grow your business.

Keeping Offerings Unique


When setting up and maintaining your ghost kitchen, it’s critical that you keep up with what’s around you. And now more than ever before, the types of stores in your immediate area may constantly be changing!


For example, if you sell Mexican food in an area saturated with Mexican shops, it may be time to consider shifting into a new niche—and perhaps there aren’t any Indian places in 20 miles!


By staying on top of your surroundings and ensuring everything stays unique to your area, you can easily offset the need to compete.

Making Things Streamlined


One of the benefits of ordering online is avoiding sitting in traffic—but if your ghost kitchen takes long-time managing menus and cooking food, you may be driving people to head out of their homes themselves!


Keep things streamlined with an all-in-one commerce solution like Franpos, which can keep your operations flying smoothly and handle all payouts and royalty fees for you! That way, all your staff need to worry about is cooking—not fiddling with outdated point-of-sale software.


Using Customer Loyalty


A lot of the time, ghost kitchens set up their accounts on UberEats, Postmates, and similar sites without considering the benefits of getting a personal customer loyalty program going.

We think they’re missing out! Because with a customer loyalty program like Franpos, ghost kitchens can automatically send out offers and deals when sales get low without even pressing a button!


Automation is a powerful way to grow your business. Take some time to collect emails or phone numbers for your customer relations management tool and set up pre-determined triggers to keep your customers happy and up-to-date!


You can send emails when someone makes a big purchase, offering coupons to keep customers happy, or even send out birthday messages! And the best part? You don’t need to worry about sending these out yourself. Just set and forget!


Sound good to you? Everything we talked about and much more can be yours with the Franpos system, which handles royalties, customer loyalty, eCommerce, and menu management for ghost kitchens! Want to learn more? Schedule a free demo today and see why ghost kitchens choose Franpos to help them grow their business.

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