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Growth Marketing Results – How Franpos Added 11.6% to This Client’s Monthly Revenue

Franpos Managed Growth Marketing has improved the lives of small business owners throughout the United States. 

This example covers how we helped a small retail business in Mississippi increase its revenues by 11.6%. 

As an independent business owner in small-town Mississippi, this was an amazing example in regards to the power of Franpos Growth Marketing. 

Regardless of the economic climate, we were able to increase the revenues of one business owner, which Franpos is very proud of. 


Building Strong Foundations 


Before launching this Managed Growth Marketing program, we incentivized our client to launch their eCommerce website. 

As winter is upon us, and individuals are more eager to stay indoors, having the ability to meet customers where they are, is vitally important. 

By having your products available online, customers can still enjoy your store, from the comfort of their homes. 

This process of developing and designing our client’s eCommerce was the first step in launching this Growth Marketing program. 


Cadence Planning


After developing and launching eCommerce, we knew it would take time and strategic marketing to create awareness about the new online store. 

So, after creating an eCommerce opportunity, this company and I decided on the cadence in which we would interact with our customers. 

In our opinion, it was most beneficial to interact with customers weekly, so four touches per month was chosen as our cadence.

Knowing our most lucrative marketing channel available is SMS/Email messages, we strategized to reach out to customers with discount promos, new product announcements, and branding info. 


The Results 


In week one, we offered a 10% discount which was announced exclusively through SMS/Email Marketing. 

The results of this first campaign were amazing! 

After realizing the power of these marketing efforts, we planned to send our secondary message, about five days after the deployment of the first campaign.  

In this secondary message, we offered a time-bound weekend BOGO deal for select Boutique items. 

This second message helped us further understand what this audience responded best to. In this instance, they were most responsive to week-long marketing efforts, which meant our first message was far stronger than our second. 

With A/B testing and a strategy readjustment, we quickly adapted to what appeals to this customer base the most. 

The third message was a Christmasthemed message, offering a 25% discount, which ran for a week’s span. 

As with the first campaign, we generated amazing results through SMS/Email marketing. 

Even better than the first, the third marketing campaign increased incremental sales 2.5x compared to the first campaign. 

This was amazing. We had fully embraced what our customers responded to as well as what cadence they were most comfortable with.  


Learning from Patterns 


We had learned a lot about the clients we were marketing to through these campaigns. 

We realized the times they were most responsive to as well as the timeframe in which they were most comfortable shopping within. 

In our case, the customer’s preferred to be reached early afternoon with a marketing campaign that lasted a week. 

Through A/B testing, we were able to confirm our customer’s shopping patterns as well as their ability to curate amazing results. 

Through four campaigns, we had created some incredible results for our client. Within one month, we increased our client’s incremental sales by 11.6%! 


Final Thoughts 


Regardless of the speed bumps, we were able to make a significant impact for our client in a short amount of time. 

The power of Franpos SMS/Email marketing is evident, and we are proud to have been a part of this process. 

We know the success of these campaigns will only increase next month, and we will keep our readers up-to-date on our results. 

I believe we can double our sales next month, now that we have a better understanding of how our clients respond. 

It is our goal to increase incremental sales by 23.2%! 

This goal would align our independent retailer around the same incremental increases we’ve seen in our franchise locations, and Franpos is going to make that happen. 

I hope you have a better understanding of Franpos Growth Marketing, and how we successfully increased our client’s incremental sales significantly. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this Managed Growth Marketing recap. 

If you would like to book a free consultation, to learn how you can better impact your incremental sales, you may learn more here.

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