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How a Point of Sale System Increases Revenues

Smartphones play a huge role in our livesThe ability to have your business a part of your customer’s smartphone is a huge win as more and more spending moves from the point of sale system to the app store. 

Traditionally, businesses used to compete for a customer’s wallet-share through business cards. That ideology has been replaced by the idea of phone-share.  

Instead of providing business cards to your consumers, you provide apps, websites, and text message marketing directly to their smartphones. We’ll be covering the multiple benefits of curating an app for your business in addition to optimized eCommerce and the benefits of text message marketing. 




The ability to App-ify, or curate an app for your business, is a HUGE competitive advantage. 

Not only do customers view brands that have an app as more professional, but it is also proven that Apps increase revenues significantly. 

Here are a couple of our favorite stats: 

  1. Mobile Apps have the lowest cart abandonment rate at 20%—compared to 68% on desktop sites and 97% on mobile sites.  
  2.  Customers who shop on apps twice as much compared to a desktop or mobile sites. 
  3. 78% of peoplewould rather access their favorite brand via app compared to a mobile website. 
  4. Customers spend 3x-4x more time on mobile apps than on desktop and mobile sites. 

All of these statistics prove that the ability to app-ify your business can increase revenues significantly. 

Not only does your ability to app-ify draw more customers to your website for longer periods, but it increases your brand’s recognizability as well!  

Instead of spending advertising money on billboards or online ads, consider investing in an application that may be more financially sound. 

Your customers will have the ability to see your app on their phone every single day. 

This will keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind, every single time they look at their phone.  

Apps do more than increase revenues—they increase the recognizability of your brand. 

Customers who successfully shop from your app are more likely to recommend to a friend, especially as in-person shopping experiences are limited as of lately. 

Apps are better for revenues and branding identity, with the additional ability to connect with your customer through push notifications. 


eCommerce and Text Message Marketing 


If creating an app or hiring someone to do so isn’t feasible for your business, another option to increase your revenues is through an optimized eCommerce site. 

Here is a small checklist of requirements for an optimized website: 

  1. Universal Branding (Logos, Color Schemes, Mission Statements, etc.) 
  2. UserFriendly Interface (On Both Desktop & Mobile) 
  3. Transparent Pricing  
  4. High Quality Product Shots/Descriptions 
  5. Reviews & Testimonials 
  6. Strategic SEO 


When it comes to your business, eCommerce is king.  

Especially in the current economic climate, it is vitally important to assure your customers have the ability to order products directly from your online store. 

Thus far, online sales have doubled and are only projected to increase. 

eCommerce keeps your store open, in an economy where many stores are closing their doors. 

Stay ahead, and keep your customers connected through an optimized eCommerce site. Or, utilize text message marketing. 

Our clients have the ability to send customized text campaigns directly to their customers. 

In our recent study, we concluded that: 

  1. Text Message Marketing has a 98% Open Rate (compared to email at 20%) 
  2. Text Message Marketing has a 32% Conversion Rate (compared to email at 3%) 
  3. Text Message Marketing has a ~3.7% Unsubscribe Rate 


Text message marketing is the most advanced way to reach your audience. It’s ahead of the curve in regards to customer expectations, and it is turning amazing results. Don’t just keep up with your consumers. Be a leader in your industry. 


Final Thoughts 


Technology is paving the way for the future. At Franpos, the future is now.  

Businesses using the Franpos system reap the benefits of directly connecting to their customers. Our clients have doubled their revenues by using our App-ify services. 

We connect to our client’s customers through Apps, optimizations, and advanced marketing tactics. Not only do we integrate all of this technology for youwe can even hand-craft marketing campaigns specific to your business. With Franpos, integrating with technology is easier than ever. 

If you would like to speak with one of our specialists, you may book a free consultation here. 

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