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How Businesses Can Increase Revenues Through a Point of Sale System

We’re sure you’re familiar with your point of sale system, as it handles each and every transaction that takes place in your stores. But did you know that the system you use to handle payments can increase revenues? 

Let’s go over how the Franpos point of sale platform can help you sell more product! 


Franpos Can Automate Your Inventory 


When it comes to tracking inventories, businesses spend countless hours in labor tracking and reconciling inventory. Things get even more complicated when dealing with online sales and deliveries. 

The Franpos system is different. When purchases are made, inventory quantities are automatically reduced and updated. This simple but effective automation saves companies and their employees a significant and valuable amount of time.  

With automated inventoryowners can spend more time selling and less time focused on inventories. 


Franpos Handles Online Inventory Automatically 


Additionally, Franpos can deal with the hassle of having online inventory on top of in-store inventory. 

With traditional POS systems, online orders must be handtyped, or ‘punched in’ the system. Franpos ensures that online orders are automatically accounted for and inventory is instantly updated. 

By streamlining operations, store owners can eliminate the need to hand-punch order numbers, seamlessly track all inventories, reduce administrative tasks, and keep purchase orders in one place, whether it be in-store or online. 


Financial Calculator 


Whether it is the fear of auditing, miscalculations, or financial fraud, the financial aspect of business can be very stressful. Traditional point of sale systems leave lots of room for human error. Unintentionally or otherwise, humans are prone to mistakes, and when any hand-calculations are involved, the chances of miscalculations are higher. 

With the Franpos system, all financial reports are automatically curated and streamlined. 

This keeps employees from spending hours on financial calculations and keeps your mind on the betterment of your business. 

Whether it is calculating your online orders, subtracting your costs of goods sold, or discounting your products, Franpos automatic reports simply makes life easier. 

Never hand-calculate financial reports, and take financial stressors away from your business. 


Royalty Fees 


As franchisors, royalty fees and sales reports are vitally important to monitor and curate growth strategies. That’s exactly why the Franpos system has such features built right in.  

With Franpos automated financial reporting, all royalty fees are automated so franchisors do not have to ever question financial reports. 

Additionally, if approved by the franchisee, royalty fees can be streamlined to a separate account with every purchase made. 

This means that if a royalty fee is 5%, then that percentage will be deducted from every transaction made throughout the month. 

This saves companies from hand-calculating royalty fees at the end of the month, along with transparently allowing owners to know exactly how much revenue is theirs. 

With royalty fees being deducted as sales come in, it keeps owners confident knowing thaat their financial reports are transparent, accurate, and streamlined to their franchisor on the back end. 




When it comes to Automated Inventory, Financial Reporting, Royalty Fees, and so much more, Franpos is the #1 Cloud-based POS on the market. 

Franpos software is automated, lighting fast, and compliments our amazing POS hardware. 

When it comes to streamlining your business, Franpos is for you. 

If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists to better understand how we can benefit your business, you may book a free demo here. 

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