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How Cloud POS Systems Beat Traditional Point-of-Sale

Point-of-sale has come a long way since the traditional cash register. 

These days, your point-of-sale (POS) system can do so much more than handle money. The digital revolution has allowed POS systems to process payments offline and on, store client information for loyalty campaigns, synchronize with eCommerce sales, handle clocking in/out, and much more.  

Some companies with pre-existing POS systems—or legacy systems, as we call them—may not immediately see the benefits of digital POS systems. That’s why we’re breaking down three of the main distinctions between digital POS and its traditional counterpart.  


Digital Receipts 


In 2020, digital receipts are totally in. Because of this, there are many reasons you should shift from a traditional POS system to a highly integrated digital system that offers receipts in digital form.  

To start, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Regardless if you are in your 50s, or just starting middle school, the push for environmental conservation is widespread. More importantly, the younger generations are genuinely passionate about it.  

Why would you upset the Millennials/Gen Z by only offering paper receipts? Trust us, you will lose customers and reputation if you only offer traditional receipts. Nowadays, kids are avoiding restaurants if they still use plastic straws. 

Avoid getting canceled by Millennials and Gen ZIt’s in your best interest to offer digital, paper, and text-message receipts. 


Decreasing Attention-Spans 


These dayswe are all moving at a hundred miles a minute. Our society is built upon a fast-paced environment, and we just do not have time for paper receipts. During the thirty seconds your receipt is printing, stalling, or while you are reloading the paper, your customer is getting frustrated

The one minute your customer is waiting at your register can be the one determining factor if they return to your store or not. As consumers lose patience in slower systems, they will continue to yearn for and demand faster retail.

It is statistically proven websites only have about 2-3 seconds to catch a consumer. With video involved, a website has about 8 seconds. In conclusion, one whole minute waiting at your cash register, especially in person, can be the loss of one whole consumer. 


Easily Organizable 


8 of 10 Americans rely on their smartphonesCell phones have adapted from primarily being used for communications to becoming an all-in-one powerhouses of personal information. GPS, Calendars, Online Booking, and more, are all streamlined to your cellphone. Shouldn’t your spending records be as well?  

It is so easy to keep your receipts on your cellphone. Data can be saved in your messages, notes, or photos. Our entire lives are being streamlined to cellphones; it is logical to fully integrate digitally. Besides, digital receipts make tax-keeping much easier and more convenient.  

That’s why the ability of digital POS systems to accept contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay is so crucial. These payment types directly appeal to the growing number of consumers looking to organize their receipts 




Adaptation to the newest trends, whether you fully understand them or not, is in your best interest. Utilizing smarter, cloud-based POS systems are the easiest way to increase production and sales in-store. 

No matter who your ideal consumer is, appealing to their needs will keep you ahead. We all need our finances to be easier; integrations with a digital POS system such as Franpos does just that. 

Avoid losing customers due to long wait times, a lack of technology, or other avoidable issues.   

Finallyand more recently, COVID-19 is the perfect reason for you to upgrade to digital. Keep your guests and employees safer, with a digital POS system. Avoid excessive contact with traditional systems receipts, all while streamlining your operations.  


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