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How Customer Loyalty Points Drive Repeat Sales

Utilizing customer loyalty points drives repeat sales. 

Traditional ‘punch-in’ cards have been replaced with tracking loyalty points through customer data. 

Whether it be a phone number, name, or unique customer ID, businesses have a bigger advantage than ever before. 

As I’m writing this, I just redeemed free fries and a kale salad from my Chick-fil-a points. 

I have ordered through the app five times and have already received these amazing low-cost perks. 

The monetary value lost by gaining my loyalty is much smaller than losing my business to a competitor, such as Wendy’s. 


Utilizing Loyalty for Your Business 


As Chick-fil-a is a QSR powerhouse, it is understandable that most restaurants cannot award customers with free items after only five visits. 

On the contrary, a discount, or free incentive after 8-10 visits should be earned revenues to allow a restaurant to offer incentives of some type. 

For whatever industry you are a part of, it is absolutely possible to appeal to customers through loyalty point incentives. 

Loyalty Points keep your customers loyal to your business. 


Franpos Loyalty Points 


Franpos allows for tracking and implementation of Loyalty Points directly through your POS system. 

This integrated loyalty point system utilizes the customer data from your Point of Sale to track and maintain the loyalty points of your customers. 

This all-in-one solution ensures your customers never miss an opportunity to utilize points from their transactions. 

In addition, this integrated system ensures your customers are loyal to your business. 

If you are interested in booking a free demo to better understand how to utilize loyalty points for your specific industry, you may do so here.

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