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How Existing Customers Can Make the Most of Franpos eCommerce

Given the current state of the world, it is no surprise that eCommerce online sales have skyrocketed in 2020. 

With a large amount of the US population staying at home and ordering necessities online, for the time beingFranpos encourages customers to make the most of thiopportunity. In order to stay competitive in an online world, your website must be optimized to the best of your ability. 

At Franpos, we do our best to save our customers time and money. 

With that being said, we have fully developed an amazing eCommerce operation that takes business’ eCommerce from average to amazing. 

Let’s go over some of the many benefits of Franpos eCommerce as an existing user of the Franpos point of sale platform. 


What Makes Franpos eCommerce So Great 


As an existing customer, you are already familiar with the Franpos hardware, software, and staff. 

And since your products, sales reports, and branding ideologies are closely aligned with Franposwe can reinvent your eCommerce website to the highest degree with total synchronicity to your current sales. 

As our existing customer, you are ahead of the game. 

We will have the ability to utilize our knowledge about your brand to make an ultramodern website fit best for your brand. 

For example: 

We know which of your products sell the best so we can leverage those products on your website. 

We have your customer data’s and basic psychology understood, which means we can curate an eCommerce site to best fit your customer’s profile.

Additionally, we are already familiar with your brand, so we can easily highlight your brand’s differentiating factors on your eCommerce site. 


eCommerce Optimized  


In order to have a highly functioning online sales platform, your site must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Individual Domain
  2. Beautiful, Intuitive Design 

  3. Accurate Products/Inventory 

  4. Saving credit cardon File 

DIY website designers such as Wix, Squarespace, and others can be extremely helpful – the templates available on such sites have been used across thousands of brands because they are effective at what they do. 

At Franpos, you receive a powerful initial template that’s hand-customizable with support from our team to ensure your final site is a unique experience all its own. 

Compared to other website curatorsFranpos has world-class UX designers that are specialized in eCommerce curation for businesses.

With Franpos eCommerce, all of your products, reports, and inventories are all streamlined to your amazing website. 

This familiarity will put you greatly ahead in the eCommerce space by utilizing the amazing software and resources included in your Franpos system. 




With inventory depleting from both store locations and online orders, it is essential that your eCommerce inventory is automatically tied to your physical stock. 

With many companies, this congruence is a huge challenge—which is why with Franpos, we connect your eCommerce to your physical stock with ease. 

This keeps customers in tune with your current stock amounts, real-time, and keeps managers and employees in tune with your stock at a moment’s notice. 

Furthermore, by presenting your stock availability to your online customers, you can avoid frustrating calls pertaining to sold out items. 

With traditional eCommerce systems, inventory has to be handpunched into your system.

With Franpos, your inventory is automatically updated in real-time with every purchase made. 


Card Tokenization 


The ability to keep a customer’s card on file, also referred to as tokenization, and it is a huge advantage in the eCommerce space. 

This simple but effective method increases eCommerce sales through impulse buying. 

A good example of effective tokenization is the Amazon model, which allows customers to purchase items incredibly quickly using the “buy now” button.  

Due to Amazon tokenizing cards, customers have the ability to quickly and almost impulsively buy products from their website. 

There are very points of friction in the buyer’s journey with Amazon, and their card tokenization has minimized the amount of time customers have to ‘second guess’ purchases. 

With little time to rethink purchases, customers impulsively buy more products. 

Additionally, tokenization makes the customer’s experience easier, which increases revenues long-term. 




At Franposwe do our best to save our customers time, which increases their ability to make money. 

We know that eCommerce, particularly in 2020, is essential. If you do not have an eCommerce site of any kind, you are losing huge amounts of revenue. The world is converting to a digital marketplace. Therefore, it is critical that you are keeping up. 

Even if you do not choose the Franpos eCommerce operation, we truly want what’s best for your business; which is why we must stress that eCommerce of any kind is necessary. 

However, if you are interested in Franpos eCommerce and our amazing integrations available, congratulations! You are one step closer to expanding your clientele, increasing your brand’s reputability, and creating more opportunities for revenues. 

If you are interested in booking a FREE demo with our eCommerce experts – you may do so here.

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