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How Franpos Can Scale Your Franchise

Franpos is the number one cloud-based point of sale system for franchises, specializing in highly complex and user-friendly softwareWith highly customizable interfaces, automated royalty reports, and automated purchase orders, we know Franpos is the fastest and most efficient software available. 



Secure and Scalable 



When it comes to business and consumer privacy, we are specialized in curating secure software that is 100% scalable for franchises. 


With customizable and secure logins, our point of sale system can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 


Not only do we have 24/7 customer service, but we have dedicated representatives that are assigned specifically for your franchise. This type of personalization has kept our customers happy for over a decade. 



Small Scale Startup- Big Corporate Results 



Franpos is a small firm dedicated to our customer’s needs—but that doesn’t mean our solutions are anywhere near small. 


When it comes to personalization and customization, our staff is dedicated to the happiness of our customers. We know our client’s brands like the back of our hand, and it shows in the solutions we create. 


When it comes to our client’s wellbeing, we are able to stay ahead of the curve with various communication channels and automated customer service abilities. 


For example, if your system has any glitches or bugs, you can submit a request within the software for the Franpos team to immediately take care of any issues on the back end, free of charge. 


Additionally, any eCommerce designs, marketing campaigns, or automated reports are customized to our clients based off of their company’s needs. 


At Franpos, we curate new templates and campaigns for every single client, so no two websites are alike. 


We assure our clients’ happiness with high-quality personalization and customizations at lightning speed. 



Automated Royalty Reports 



As a franchisor, you know how important accurate royalty fees are. It is essential your franchisees’ royalties are reported and fees are transferred accurately. 


Human error and financial miscalculations may result in inaccurate royalty calculations. Franpos takes the human error and guesswork out of the equation entirely. 


At Franpos, all royalty reports are automated, accurate, and secure. This eliminates any room for financial miscalculations, misprints, or intentional fraudulent activity. 


With automated financial reporting, your royalty fees are securedtracked, and automatically paid into the designated financial institution as sales come in. 


This eliminates any room for miscommunications or worry.

Avoid crunching royalty fees at the end of the month by adopting automated financial reporting. 



Automated Purchase Orders 



Any franchise, whether you are selling goods or services, could utilize automatic purchase order optimizations. 


Here is an example: 


Imagine you are a large franchise such as Burger King. If you run out of salt and unions, an automated purchase order generator automatically alert both the franchisee and franchisor when ingredient inventories were low and automatically generate a purchase order to be sent to your supplier 


These two automations alone could make a huge difference in your franchise. 


Never run out of certain ingredients, and never keep customers waiting on ingredients. 


When it comes to cutting out the middle man, or spending hours counting inventory, Franpos automated purchase orders streamline all activities. 


Save time, make money, and keep your focus on your franchise. 



Final Thoughts



Regardless of industry, all businesses can utilize streamlined operations and automated reports. 


Accurate, secure, and transparent financial or product reporting can greatly improve trust and efficiency between employees and employers. Additionally, any miscalculations can be eliminated, providing peace of mind. 


In addition to franchisor and franchisee transparency, automated reporting eliminates any worry or fear in regards to financial audits. 


Instead of fearing your financial history, gain confidence with Franpos automated reporting. 


In addition to customizable interfaces, personalized marketing, and automated reports, Franpos offers so much more. 


If you are interested in streamlining your brand, you may book a free consultation with our experts  


Take control of your brand’s identity, with Franpos. 

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