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How Ghost Kitchens Work For Customers

Ghost Kitchens are a new phenomenon of restaurants that offer multiple menu options from one centralized kitchen. 


While hiring as few employees as possible, these new-age restaurants have a low cost, high volume business model. 


Ghost Kitchens spend as little money as possible on rent, parking, and the number of employees. 


Instead of paying for large elaborate dining spaces, Ghost Kitchens do not offer indoor seating. 


Ghost Kitchens only offer dining through their website or delivery services such as UberEats, Postmates, and more. 


Because of a lack of in-person dining, Ghost Kitchens have the ability to pay minimum operation costs while maximizing sales. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions eliminating in-person dining experiences, Ghost Kitchens are an amazing and ethical way to sell products during dining curfews and lockdown restrictions.  


Consider the ways in that families in 2021 can benefit from Ghost Kitchens: 


A Customer of Ghost Kitchens 


You are a family of three located just outside Atlanta. Your child is an adolescent, but just old enough to be picky about food. 

Instead of cooking at home, your family is looking to dine-out. But due to the recent pandemic, you’d like to dine-in’ at home. 

There are many options to choose from, as UberEats offers every restaurant in your area. 

You’re looking for Italian food, your partner would like a cobb salad, and your child is wanting Chinese. Previous to Ghost Kitchens, your family might have ordered UberEats from three different restaurants. 

Along with three different payments processed, this dine-in experience would have become a hassle with differing delivery times, three delivery fees, and three separate orders running through one App. 

Ghost Kitchens rewrite this customer’s experience entirely. 

Instead of ordering Italian food, Salads, and Chinese food, you can order all three cuisine options from one centralized menu. 

As Ghost Kitchens often host multiple restaurants’ menus within one centralized location, your family can experience one delivery fee, one delivery time, and one streamlined payment. 

This minimizes costly delivery fees, tipping multiple delivery drivers, and waiting on three separate meals. 

Ghost Kitchens allows for your family to enjoy different cuisine, without involving multiple third-parties. Ghost Kitchens streamline the delivery process entirely, while still providing multiple cuisine options for your family. 

Ghost Kitchens are a low-cost, high-volume business model that relies on sales through delivery. 

This innovative restaurant model may become the future of dining, especially as the effects of COVID-19 continue. 

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