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How Mastering Online Booking Is Going to Make Your Life Easier

When someone talks about opening their own business, the first thing they usually talk about is the passion behind why they want to try to become their own boss and give back to their communities!


Typically, one of the last things on their minds is worrying about something as boring as online booking.


And hey, we get it–talking about online booking is about as fun as talking about taxes. But the unavoidable truth is, if you don’t manage your appointments, you can be in for a world of stress. Not to mention tons of unhappy customers!


Today’s businesses need to make sure they never double book or overbook, and make sure their staff on the clock has a reason to be there!


Read on to learn how to avoid this issue and tackle online booking for good.


The Basics of Online Booking


The simpler, older way of booking an appointment block with a client was simple—either they would call in or tell you in person when they would next arrive at the place of business, and you’d make sure you had an employee ready to service their needs. Simple, right?


Well nowadays, it can be anything but. Even at its simplest, online booking involves utilizing software to collect requested times, communicating with individual team members to let them know when to come in, and figuring out how to have enough time to manage the other aspects of your business.


There are lots of software options out there that might help—but we can think of a better solution.


Integrating Your Bookings


The first step towards mastering your bookings and reducing stress in your professional life is integrating your bookings with your in-store software—which is often your point of sale.


When these two are connected, it’s usually easier for your employees to see what’s upcoming and plan ahead.


However, for most point-of-sale companies, this can be a total hassle. Trying to get your software to talk to your other software–especially when you don’t have the time to learn how to write code or do the technical stuff yourself–can be a total nightmare.


The Franpos Solution


This is where Franpos comes in.


Only Franpos offers Online Booking built right into the point of sale itself! No coding or phone calls are needed!


You’ll be assigned an individual account manager who will hold your hand through the entire process of getting bookings set up on your existing site. This will push directly to your point of sale software for everyone to see!


Now, you can go into our comprehensive back-of-house reports and make sure the upcoming schedule gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to labor costs.


Everyone wins! You’ll only have employees on the clock when they are needed, and they’ll only need to be at the store when they have the opportunity to make the biggest impact possible.


Interested in learning more? Check our site for all of the different things you can do with a Franpos solution, or schedule your free demo today to see exactly why thousands of businesses use Franpos to grow!

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