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How Omnichannel Point of Sale Systems Improve QSR Operations

In a world where the buying power of consumers is more powerful than ever, your business and your point of sale must stay ahead of consumer demands. And what consumers demand are product customizations, tailored marketing campaigns, and multiple payments that necessitate omnichannel point of sale solutions. 

With thousands of software options available, it is sometimes difficult for businesses to pick and choose which add ons to integrate. That’s‘ why we’ll cover the benefits of an omnichannel solution such as the Franpos platform and how it may benefit your quick service restaurant. 

With an all-inclusive software, your business operations can be streamlined to one place. 

When it comes to splitting tickets, customizing food, and/or processing your payments, an allinone touch screen system is the solution. 


Customizing Items in a Quick Service Restaurant 


For any quick service restaurant, you must have the ability to customize your products for your customers. Whether it be no cheese on a burger, a half-and-half pizza, or a customized sandwich, you must be able to put your customer’s needs first. 

With so many emerging dietary restrictions, it is essential you can quickly add-on or take away any number of ingredients or items without slowing your flow of operations. 

With an all-in-one solution, products and pricing customizations can be easily created, edited, and implemented. 

Keep all of your receipts transparent and keep all of your items priced correctly.

Never hesitate about your customer’s preferences again! 


Displaying Items 


When it comes to inputting customer orders, your point of sale system should transparently display all available product options at the touch of a button. 

Never waste time shuffling through products. Instead, enjoy a transparent touch screen display where all products are strategically placed. With an omnichannel solution, your product images take the place of confusing labels.

Enjoy product placements and transparency to the highest degree. Enjoy easy and carefree processing. 

The operative term in a quick service restaurant is quick—so choosing your ticket items needs to be the easiest part of your sale. 

Never scroll through products on a legacy point of sale system. Instead, update your receipts at the touch of a button. 


Payment Processing 


Whether it be a split ticket, multiple forms of payment, or contactless payment options, your system needs to have it all. In the digital era where cash is being slowly eliminated from society, a legacy POS system will keep your business behind the curve. 

Tickets are constantly being split in today’s restaurant industry. Instead of seeing this as hassling on your employees, see it as an opportunity to upgrade your software. 

Realize that, in the new era, payment options need to be as seamless as possible. No more fumbling around with your system and dealing with waiting times or inaccurate upcharges. 


The Franpos Solution 


With an all in one solution such as Franpos, your customizations, payment processing, and internal product displays are streamlined to perfection.

With an allinone solution, we keep your Quick Service Restaurant quick.  

We assure your operations, upcharges, and product customizations are streamlined.

With customer expectations at an all-time high, keep your business ahead of the curve with Franpos. 

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