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How Omnichannel Software Improves Operations

There are thousands of different softwares available for businesses. 

Some can help with scheduling, revenue reports, royalty fees, delivery, and more. 

At Franpos, we include all of these features in our immersive platform. 

There are many ways your Franpos software can improve your operations, and we will be covering different ways Franpos software can benefit your business. 

Financial Software Integration  

At Franpos, we understand that financial success drives businesses. 

With that being said, we have coded our software with the ability to integrate with Quickbooks and other financial platforms. 

This ensures your Franpos sales reports can be downloaded into accounting software, to streamline your tax processing. 

With Franpos financial integrations, we offer the ability to minimize your accounting processes to reduce the chance of audits and other accounting issues. 

Customer Loyalty and Gift Cards 

The tracking and implementation of loyalty points can be difficult for some businesses. 

Traditionally, loyalty points were tracked through ‘punch-in’ cards that were presented to cashiers at the end of a transaction. 

Eventually, with enough ‘punch-ins,’ the customer would receive a free treat, goodie, or incentive. 

Now, Franpos has created a platform where loyalty points are automatically tracked by sales volume, which is utilized by a customer’s phone number. 

This means that every time a customer makes a sale, by swiping their loyalty card or phone number, they will be accumulating points through your company. 

With this technology, a customer can apply their loyalty points to any store within your franchise, anywhere. 

Because Franpos a cloud-based service that can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection, your business has the ability to utilize loyalty points for your clients globally. 

Merchant Services 

Merchant Services allow transactions to be made via credit or debit card. 

As cash is seeming to be eliminated from society, the need for merchant services is becoming essential.  

At Franpos, we offer merchant services at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. 

When any credit/debit card is swiped, a small percentage is taken from the transaction and given to the server of merchant services. 

At Franpos, we are proud to offer our clients competitive percentages for these services. 

Small merchant service fees can save your business money by ensuring you are getting the most from your sales. 

Automated Reporting 

Franpos has automated reports for every aspect of business you can think of. 

Whether it be which sales associate sold the most, which products are most popular, or which day of the week the has the highest sales, Franpos has it all. 

With our automated reporting, you have all the knowledge needed to successfully run your business.

One of my favorite reports is the Marketing Campaign Report. 

This report brings full transparency in regards to how successful a marketing campaign was, and how much revenue it drew in. 

In addition, this report breaks down who bought a product and from what marketing effort the sale can be linked too. 

This is just one example of how automated reports can provide clarity for clients. 

Final Thoughts 

Franpos offers tons of software that streamlines business operations. 

From point of sale to final delivery, Franpos has you in mind. 

We understand how software can be utilized for your business, and that’s what we have created. 

Franpos is an all-in-one business solution, that provides accuracy, transparency, and automation to improve your business or service. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Omnichannel solution- you may book a free consultation here.

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