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How Pet Stores Are Helping Their Customers During Unprecedented Times

2020 has been a whirlwind for us all. In order to combat the current situation, those in the pet industry must strategically adapt to everchanging economic circumstances. 

The pet industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the nation, bringing in billions of dollars per year. 

Well be covering the many ways pet stores have combated COVID-19, and the many ways your business can mimic these methodologies to better their business practices. 




No matter what you sell, your customers will eventually use the product and be in need of more. Many stores, particularly on the pet front, have begun to offer home delivery and subscription services for their customers.

As applied to the pet industry, you can have dog food delivered monthly. Cat litter can be delivered directly to your doorstep, and toys of all shapes/sizes can be available at a click of a button. 

Pet owners have greatly appreciated home delivery services as a means of protecting themselves and their animals against the current situation. Additionally, staying at home and waiting for delivery means more valuable time with and less time supply shopping.  

On the business sidehome delivery, specifically on the subscription front, is extremely beneficial to businesses. Subscriptions equal recurring revenueswhich benefits your bottom line long-term. 

Subscriptions also equal loyal customers, which provides more recommendations and an increase in branding identity. Subscriptions have completely changed in recent years, from magazines to software platforms such as Netflix. 

Be the first to offer product subscriptions in your area! 

Not only is this revolutionary—it’s something people have become accustomed to within the tech industry. Improve your business practices by offering recurring deliveries your customers can happily anticipate. 

Here are a few examples of how subscriptions can benefit businesses.

  1. Florists can provide ‘flower power subscriptions’ for returning customers on a bi-monthly basis at a discounted price. This keeps recurring revenues in your pocket, and beautiful, fresh flowers in stock for your customers’ homes and businesses. 

  2. Produce sellers and farmer’s market owners negatively affected by COVID-19 can offer a monthly subscription to keep business booming as customers fill their kitchens with healthy and delicious foods. 

  3. Clothing store owners can offer monthly ‘surprise packs’ that are filled with the newest graphic tees and goodies. Customers subscribe and receive the newest items at a discounted rate. 

Subscriptions can greatly benefit both businesses and customers if the process is applied correctly. With subscriptions, your business is receiving fixed revenues along with offering exciting deals for your customers. 

As consumers, we all have experienced the joy/anticipation of waiting on a package from your favorite brand. This can become your customer’s reality, as they are waiting on your monthly subscription.  


Home Grooming


Pet Stores have taken the grooming process from storefront to front-door. When it comes to maintaining your pet’s appearance and health, we know how important that process is. 

Pet owners have been so grateful for the ability to service their pet while maintaining social distancing practices. Whether a pet store grooms inside a company vehicle or within a ‘pop up’ set-up at your home, your health is top priority for these mobile businesses. 

This ‘mobile approach’ to business can be applied to storefronts across all industries. 

Whether you sell pet grooming or t-shirts, there are many wayyou can create mobile business. 

Here are a few examples of how mobile services can increase your revenues:

  1. You have a brick-and-mortar clothing store. Although you do offer eCommerce, you can now offer ‘socially distanced appointments.’ This means going to your customer’s home/front-yard, and displaying a rack of clothing for them to purchase from. This process would be most lucrative for a ‘big spender’ but can apply to anyone requesting an appointment.  

  2. You are a hair-dresser, and your store-front has been closed due to the current circumstances. In order to combat this situation, you can set-up your own mobile solution. Whether you are providing services outside, in your customer’s living room, or at your own home, you have officially taken your business outside the box. This innovative but beneficial tactic can bring in revenues during difficult circumstances. 

  3. You are a massage parlor and your doors have unfortunately been closed—but your customers are in need of a massage. By offering mobile or at-home services, you and your customer can take the necessary precautions to maintain cleanliness and quality while still receiving an amazing service.

The ability to adapt and transform your business will differentiate the quitters from the competitorsNow is the opportunity to thrive, not just survive. During difficult economic times, most people are choosing to close their doors. With competition decreasing, now is the chance to take your opportunity. 




Pet industries have taken loyalty points to the next level. Whether they are offering points per dollar spent or tracking loyalty through the number of items bought, the ability to offer your customers discounts and incentives to spend is a huge opportunity. 

Pet companies are sending free treats, toys, and even adoptions to their loyal customers. 

The more a customer spends, the more they receive in discounts. 

We all love to receive discounts and coupons from our favorite businesses, and this goes for your business as well! No matter what you do or sell, you have the ability to create and track your customer’s spending and offer incentives. 

These small discounts truly go a long way towards creating long-term customer loyalty. 

We advise our customers to do everything they can to implement loyalty programs for their customers. 

Small discounts now can create long-term revenues later. 




Everyone loves to receive a birthday discount from their favorite brand. Pet industries have taken this to the next level during these unprecedented circumstances. 

The pet industry has started not only remembering but celebrating pet birthdays. 

Whether it is a kind message or a free treat, pet industries are going the extra mile to please their customers by customizing the types of messages and rewards customers receive.  

Customizations are essential to business health because it shows the customer how much you care. 

Whether you are applying this to your marketing by offering customized messages or offering free goodies, customizing marketing to individual names, birthdays, or customer anniversaries can go a long way. 

By utilizing data in text messages, letters, or discounts, your customer can truly feel connected to your brand.  

Connecting your brand to your customer’s ideal company is a huge win for any businessAs all businesses want customers, all buyers want a brand that is reliable. 




In conclusion, there are many ways the pet industry is revolutionizing business. Whether it be through mobile services, customer customizations, or loyalty points, the pet industry is laying the blueprint for success. 

We advise our customers to apply any of these tactics to their business. We know you will receive results. 

Through home operations or customizations, customerlove to feel as special as they are. 

Additional to any of these tactics, an optimized eCommerce website should be in place. And since online sales are doubling right now there are many ways to get ahead during unprecedented times. 

As always, if you’d like to book a consultation with one of our marketing consultants, you may do so here. We wish you the best in your business endeavors!  

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