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How Quick Service Restaurants Lead The Industry

QSR, or quick-service restaurantsare home to some of our favorite foods and experiences.  Not only are they delicious, but our favorite restaurants can be so impactful on our communities.  

QSR sales have been holding strong despite an unprecedented market, in large part due to third-party delivery services such as Postmates, as well as through self-delivery.  

Want to match the pace of the industry and weather the storm?  

Here are some of the many ways to improve a quick-service restaurant. 


Purchase Order Optimization 


Manage your Purchase Orders down to the ingredient 

Sounds amazing and very specific, right? It is. 

When ingredients run low, automatically generate purchase order reports to be sent directly to your manufacturers.  

For example, you are Bob’s Burgers, you are running out of unions, salt, and patties. 

A Purchase Order Optimizer would: 

  1. Alert you of low Ingredients 
  2. Accurately generate your purchase orders down to the ingredient 
  3. Automatically create professional, transparent, and accurate Purchase Orders ready to be sent.  

Forget long hours calculating inventories and ordering from hassling suppliers. With real-time updates, your products will be tracked and reported to keep you up to date on your kitchen. Cut out your middle man by automatically streamlininyour ingredient needs directly to your doorstep.

Save time ordering raw materials, and keep your mind on your happy customers. 

Never hassle with multiple suppliers and third-parties.  

Opt-in to automatic Purchase Orders, at a touch of a button.

If you are interested in Purchase Order Optimizations, consider a company such as Franpos. 




Delivery, especially during these unprecedented times, is essential to keeping your QSR alive. Now more than ever, taking delivery into your own hands, or utilizing a third party, is a must. 

Whether you want to invest in a company car or have your team working from their personal vehicles, delivery within the food industry is a huge challenge. Between route optimizations, communicating with the restaurant, and keeping track of incoming orders, it’s clear that delivery is a multi-faceted process. 

Customers are used to quick delivery with live updates via third-party apps such as UberEatsGrubHub, Postmates, and more, so as a small business, it may feel overwhelming trying to compete with these large delivery apps.  

As the greats have said for generations, “if you cannot beat them, join them.”

The downside of joining forces with third-party delivery providers is that they’re taking a large portion of your revenues.  They are holding the reputation of your brand and receiving tips based on your products. 

We understand that saving money, growing revenues, and expanding your existing customer base is critical.

So, here is our rendition to the quote above. 

“If you cannot beat them, join them, with a discount.”  

But how? 

We are so happy you asked!

With Franpos point of sale systems, we offer fully integrated self-delivery as well as third-party delivery through our partner Postmates. 

We’re proud to work with such powerful partners in the industry. And, by offering self-delivery as an option, you can internalize fees, take control, and expand your customer base! Franpos offers the best of both worlds to your customers to they can shop with you the way they want!

When partnering with Franpos, you can receive this state-of-the-art integration, to ensure your delivery is quick, easy, and transparent.  

Efficient delivery is the key to your business’s reputation, so make yours the best. 

Your Time is Money


Your time is moneyand we are made for optimization. 

We have handcrafted a technology specifically for quick-service restaurants to keep your operations quick. Never waste time scrolling for ticket items on a traditional POS systemOur touch-screen operating system is as simple as can be. 

All of your items, ready to order, all on one screen. 

After your employee chooses an item, the order will directly be sent to your kitchen, and the customer will be offered a print or digital receipt. 

Keep your employees focused on keeping your customers happy, and leave the rest to us. 

If you are interested in more information on How to Increase Your Revenues, you may book a FREE DEMO Here. 

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