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Turning Beauty Store Foot Traffic into Regular Customers

Many beauty stores occupy spots within shopping malls, supermarkets, town squares, and wherever people are getting their errands done.


This is a winning and proven business strategy—as you can easily snag people out on their daily errands in the mood for a haircut. But, how do you turn those occasional passing customers into devoted customers?


It’s not always easy to build up customer loyalty—especially when your business is dependent upon those who are already in a hurry. With these tips, we hope that you’ll be able to take control and book out those extra appointment slots!

Capturing The Lead


As a store owner, you work not only as the manager but as the salesperson as well! So, it’s time to think like a salesperson!


In sales, it’s important to “capture the lead,” or in other words, get information from customers in order to follow up with them later on. So, does your point of sale have the ability to capture a lead?


Point of sale software like Franpos will automatically prompt customers to sign up for a Customer Loyalty program that’ll come into play a little bit later on. All customers need to do is provide a phone number, birthday, and/or email address as they’re checking out. And on the Franpos system, customers can do that on their very own touchscreen as your employees finish up the checkout process.


Whatever you do, you need to capture the lead.


Building Your Case


Now that you’ve got a way to contact your customer, you’re going to need to build your case on why they need to come back to your beauty shop.


Of course, we hope they’re already dying to come back thanks to your exemplary service! However, they may take a little more convincing to come back, out of their way, now that they aren’t getting errands done.


That’s when you send out messages offering discounts on slow days or specials on products! That way, you can show your customers that you’re trying to get them the best deal possible. You can also automate this process using Growth Marketing by Franpos, which will send out these messages after built-in triggers are activated.


That way, you can “set and forget” your automated messages and let your point of sale send them out for you.

Increasing Your Offerings


Now that you’ve worked to entice your customers, you need to communicate all that you offer to them, and the value you bring to them by working on their beauty.


Why not offer more luxurious experiences, such as facial massages or steam? Or maybe you can have an event day and offer food from local businesses!


There are many ways to increase your offerings, and only you know what works best for your store. However, what matters is that you communicate your offerings to your customers and how them that your beauty store is ready to help them look their best, no matter what.


If you’d like to implement any of what we’ve talked about here, we’d urge you to schedule a free demo today and see why hundreds of beauty stores choose Franpos.


However, no matter what, we know that if you communicate your true value to your customers, they’ll certainly make sure to schedule their days around getting to your doors!

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