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How Restaurants Can Turn Their Data into Dollars

Every day, dozens if not hundreds of customers come into your restaurant and order your food. It’s always the desire of a business owner to grow their business and keep their tables packed as often as possible, but what many owners don’t realize, is that everything they need to grow is right in front of them!


Your customers represent powerful tools for you to harness to grow your business. It’s not easy, but with a little hard work, you can turn greater profits and even operate more efficiently using hard data.


Of course, to get started, you need a means of gathering that data, and that comes through innovative Customer Loyalty programs such as the one built right into the Franpos system. More on this later, but provided you’ve got your data set up, let’s get started converting that data to dollars!


Using Data to Reach Customers


Customers out and about during the day, such as before and after work and school, need a reason to come inside your store. In many cases, they may already have food on their mind—and are asking themselves where to eat.


Sending out well-timed messages and reaching customers during these opportunities can effortlessly grow your business and increase the lunch and dinner rush! Simply pick slower days and tweak your timing to find the best results possible.


You can also reach your customers during other important days, such as their customer anniversary or their birthdays. That way, you can show your customers you’ve been thinking about them!


All you have to do is reach out.


Using Data to Set Hours


Another helpful thing you can do with your data is take a look at when customers are coming in and confirm that the hours you have your business set to operate makes the most sense for your community.


For example, if you’re seeing no slowdown whatsoever during the first two or last two hours of your business’s operation, you may want to extend your hours. However, if some days, only two or three customers come in during a long period of time, it may be better to shut down to save money.


Either way, you need to make sure you look to your data to inform you of the best times to be open!


Using Data to Upsell


Finally, your data can help you reach customers during pre-set triggers in order to stimulate an upsell.


For example, you can target big spenders with a 20% off coupon sent automatically to them after a large ticket order. You can also hit up customers that may not have come in for a few days, or customers that come in consistently.


Franpos has 16 preset triggers to jumpstart your Growth Marketing campaign and catapult your business to the next level. All you have to do is set and forget.


In fact, Franpos can handle every aspect of your business from eCommerce and point of sale to marketing, emails, and much more! If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a free demo and see why hundreds of restaurants use Franpos to turn their data into dollars.

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