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Customer Relations 101: Building Brand Ambassadors

We’ve been talking about building on your customer relations for months now—so now it’s time to wrap up our series with the exact type of customer all businesses are going after!


It’s one thing to have loyal customers–people who come back to your store time and time again in order to enjoy your products, food, or services. But having a brand ambassador is another story entirely!


Brand ambassadors are able to convince others to continuously come back and try out your business. One brand ambassador can spawn dozens of newcomers, several loyal customers, and even more brand ambassadors!


So how do you build brand ambassadors? Well, let’s walk through the steps!

Building Genuine Relationships


This first point is hard to talk about because, in truth, there is no way around it.


You need to start talking to your customers and genuinely want to get to know them.


There’s a big difference between talking to a customer in a polite tone in order to lock down a sale and talking to a customer and hoping to help them in some way–even if it means not getting the sale. If you’re hoping to have a customer build trust in you, you need to give your trust freely to them, and be honest and clear about your brand story and why others should believe in it.


That’s the hard part, but once you’ve got that covered, our next steps are easier than you think!  


Communicating Value (and Often)!


For this next step, you’re going to need the means to contact your customers and loyal clients. The easiest way to do this is through a Growth Marketing campaign, and the easiest way to launch a growth marketing campaign is through the Franpos all-in-one system.


With a Franpos system, you can communicate value to your customers by sending them pre-written messages based on certain triggers. For example, you can set up an automatic 10% discount code to be sent to anyone who purchases more than $100 or more at your store on a single ticket!

There are many more options to run this kind of campaign, and many more triggers that may better fit your business! If you’re looking to up your customer loyalty game, you need to look into growth marketing.

Finally–The Brand Ambassador


By investing in your customers, and offering to go above and beyond for them constantly, you’ll quickly build brand ambassadors without ever needing to solicit a review or a recommendation!


Brand ambassadors represent the full scope of everything you’ve worked for so far, and showcase just how far you’ve come in the customer loyalty game!


Thanks so much for reading our series on customer loyalty, and if you’re interested, schedule your free demo today and unlock the full potential of your business as thousands of others have with the Franpos system!  

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