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How Self-Ordering Kiosks Impact Businesses

The adaptation of technology into your operations can be a differentiating factor for your businesses’ successAs automation become more advanced, technology can be helpful in running quick-service restaurants. 

Let’s quickly cover how technology automation such as a self-ordering kiosk can benefit both employees and businesses. 

Why Self-Ordering Kiosks Are So Effective  


To get a better understanding of a self-ordering kiosk, and how it can help businesses in QSR, we are first going to discuss the process in which it works. 


Firstly, a self-ordering kiosk operates independently of any team members on your staff.  


It is a POS system, with a touch-pad interface- that allows customers to hand-pick products they would like to order. 


Self-ordering eliminates miscommunications with employees and allows the customer to order from your restaurant pressurefree. 


In busy QSR restaurants, customer’s often feel rushed and slightly stressed when team members are working to quickly take orders to reduce queues. 


Compare that experience to ordering at a self-ordering kiosk—where ticket items are sent to your employees digitally, and effectively, to ensure low wait times for the customer. 


A self-ordering kiosk keeps your QSR quick and your employees focused on filling automated orders. 


Customers and employees can experience the ordering process with ease! 



No-Contact Friendly 


With social distancing guidelines currently in place, businesses have created various ways to continue operations while adhering to guidelines. 


Whether it be plexiglass implemented at salons and restaurants, outside seating, or at a self-ordering kiosk, businesses have found ways to be successful in 2020. 


With a self-ordering kiosk system in the restaurant industry, the ‘no contact’ rule is no problem. 


Not only do these systems eliminate the need for employee-to-customer contact during the ordering process, but the surface of this product can be easily cleaned. 


The customer-facing monitor can easily be wiped with a cloth and disinfectant in-between uses. This simple and effective implementation can psychologically make your customers feel safer at your store, thus resulting in a higher likelihood of them returning. 


Furthermore, for an additional layer of comfort, sanitizing wipes can be places at the ordering kiosk so that customers can ensure their safety themselves as well! 


The Future is Now 


The future is now, and self-ordering kiosks are the perfect gadget to create a futuristic high-tech experience for your customers. 


As we move further into the future, customers hope to live in a more beautiful, high-tech environment that is easier than ever. With an aesthetically pleasing, futuristic ordering machine, your business can improve sales while impressing your customers. 


As technology seems to leave a positive impact on millennials, which specifically enjoy QSR restaurants more than many other categories, self-ordering technology can truly benefit your brand’s reputation. 


At Franpos, a self-ordering system is an innovative, differentiating factor that benefits both businesses and employees through automation. 

Final Thoughts 


Automated ordering is slowly being implemented across the country whether it be through smart-phones, QR codes, or interactive self-ordering kiosks. 


At Franpos, we believe the self-ordering strikes an excellent balance between convenience and automation. 


With self-ordering kiosks physically in your storefront, allowing your customer to experience your brand, we believe a Self-Ordering system is a perfect addition to the amazing business you have already created. 


We hope you’ve learned some of the benefits of a self-ordering kiosk. 


If you are interested in implementing this affordable technology into your business, you may book a free demo with one of our Technology Specialists here. 

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