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How the Franpos Point of Sale Platform Can Market Your Store

At Franposeverything begins with point of sale. 

We believe strongly in the ability of a cloud-based point of sale software to drive growth, and to that end, we have hand-crafted high-quality software for our customers. 

To make our clients’ lives easier than ever, we have recently launched our Growth Marketing software. 

We’ll cover how Franpos Marketing makes client communication easier than ever. 


Managed Marketing 


Traditionally, marketing consists of a wide range of strategies to reach customers. 

Whether it be flyers, commercials, radio ads, or even word of mouth, the world of marketing has transformed drastically with the advent of new technologies. 

Franpos believes the primary goal of marketing is to communicate your value to your customers. 

In 2020, customers are bombarded with marketing efforts everywhere. 

Whether it is a small tv at a gas station, an ad on a bus, or a commercial at the grocery store, consumers are constantly exposed to marketing at every angle. 

Franpos has done tons of research to find the best marketing channels available to store owners.

In our opinion, we’d rather cut out the middlemen and communicate directly to customers. 

Our marketing strategy has: 

An Open Rate of 98% 

A Conversion Rate of 32% 

A small 3.7% unsubscribe rate 

These statics can be applied to your business to help increase your revenues. 


SMS Marketing 


In the opinion of Franpos, SMS marketing is the most beneficial and lucrative channel available in regards to customer communications. 

The amazing results achieved with SMS marketing help keep business owners at peace knowing their marketing efforts are being highly received. 

In addition to high open rates, SMS Marketing has some of the highest conversion rates of any channel available. Nearly one-third of the customers that receive your message will convert to a sale. 

This statistic is mind-blowing compared to conversion rates of other channels that can be as low as 1-3%. 

We advise our customers, to take advantage of Franpos Growth Marketing Program. 

The ability to streamline conversions, directly communicate with customers, and increase revenue is proven true time after time for our clients.

If you’d like to learn how you can properly increase your conversion rates to 32%, you may book a free demo here.

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