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How the QSR Industry Can Thrive in “Live, Work, Play” Mixed-Use Communities

‘Live, Work, Play’ communities have become increasingly popular in cities and metro areas. 

These types of communities are characterized by mixed-use apartment buildings, offices, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, all compacted into one area. 

For example, a ‘Live, Work, Play’ community can have restaurants on the bottom of apartment complexes, with offices surrounding the area, in addition to movie theaters or shopping experiences 

These communities are built off the ideology of having your life ‘in one place’ whether you want to eat, walk to the grocery store, or go to workeverything is accessible in one area. 

In this article, we will be covering how QSR restaurants can make the most of these ever-growing communities. 

Here in our Atlanta headquarters, developments such as The Battery or Atlantic Station are good examples of such communities. Both of these local communities feature shopping experiences, parks, offices, restaurants, and entertainment, all in one compacted area. 


QSR of the Future


Restaurants, specifically QSR eateries, can greatly benefit from ‘Live, Work, Play’ communities due to their fast-paced lifestyle and dense population. 

Many millennials enjoy living and working in these areas due to the community feel which is critical to have in modern cities. This provides a huge opportunity for restaurants to become the hottest QSR in the area, along with bringing in loyal customers. 

Businesses love to establish ‘regulars’ and these ‘Live, Work, Play’ communities are the perfect opportunity to establish an amazing regular customer base. 

Let’s go over some of the benefits of operating your QSR concept in these types of locations. 


Powerful Marketing Campaigns 


In ‘Live, Work, Play,’ communities, QSR restaurants have the ability to carefully and strategically target customers with personalized marketing campaigns. 

These marketing efforts could be area-specific, interest-specific, or just general to current trends. 

Regardless, the ability of a QSR restaurant to connect with their customer base is essential to the wellbeing of the restaurant. 

As many greats have said, ‘Nothing is sweeter sounding than hearing one’s own name.’ 

With personalized campaigns, you have the ability to communicate with your customers at the next level by remembering names, or having it entered into your QSR database on the Franpos point of sale system. 

From that database, restaurants have the ability to use marketing efforts such as text messages or emails tailored to specific customer segments 

Regardless, customizations to area, name usages, or even interests are more likely to drive conversions due to personalized marketing efforts. 


Loyalty Point Utilization 


In ‘Live, Work, Play’ communities, ‘regulars’ have the ability to connect with their favorite restaurant by utilizing their loyalty points. 

With these systems, customers receive benefits after spending a certain amount with the company or by purchasing from the store a specific number of times. 

As these loyalty points add up, customers can receive benefits such as discounts, free products, or maybe even an exclusive menu item as a reward for being a loyal customer. 

Customers feel more connected to your company through loyalty programs, which increases loyalty sales long-term.

In ‘Live, Work, Play’ communities, QSR restaurants have higher chances of repeat customers, which in turn results in higher loyalty point utilization. 


Referral Program Optimization  



Referrals can be beneficial to businesses in so many ways. 

Some of those advantages include engaging in community values, staying aware of trends, and connecting with repeat customers. 

By offering an incentive for both current customers and prospective new customers, you can significantly drive sales and brand loyalty. 

Even if the incentive offers is a free item, which may temporarily decrease revenues, by keeping your current and new customers happy, you will increase revenues in the longrun. 


Final Thoughts 


A QSR restaurant in a ‘Live,Work,Play’ community has so many opportunities that other QSR concepts simply do not. 

We advise our customers to take advantage of these opportunities by offering the best deals available for the people in the area. 

In order to properly execute marketing campaigns, integrated loyalty points, and integrated loyalty programs, your POS system would have to be capable ohanding multiple solutions in a single platform. 

With a lightning fast point of sale system tied with integrated loyalty points, marketing, and referral capabilities, Franpos is amazing hardware paired with the most innovative software available. 

If you are looking to see how you can better your QSR in any way, you may book a free demo here. 

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