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How To Implement Brand Storytelling For Your Customers

Before we could read, write, or sell, we told stories.


Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you have not only in your personal life but for your business as well. Think of the millions of dollars going into TikTok accounts from corporate businesses looking to tell their own stories. Simply put, brand storytelling isn’t just a long-term idea–it needs to be a part of all of your operations.


But odds are, you aren’t a marketing major, and you’ve got a lot to juggle already when it comes to running your business. Not to worry! We’ve put together a little guide for you to consider and think about when it comes to crafting a narrative that sells.


Here’s how to implement brand storytelling for your customers.


Start With Your Identity


First thing’s first–before we start telling people all about your story, we need to figure out what sets you apart from everyone else. We need to find your identity.


We know, that sounds pretty difficult–but it doesn’t need to be anything more than the truth!


You started your business for a reason, and that reason was probably more complicated than “to make money.” For instance, if you own a pet store, maybe you do it because you love pets. Or maybe you sell groceries because you thought your town needed someone friendly and knowledgeable.


Think for a bit about your identity, and from there, we can move on to the next step.


Develop Your Messaging Around Your Identity


Now that we know your brand identity, we need to start coming up with messaging.


Messaging is going to take many forms. It’ll look like website copy, marketing emails, and texts, or even just how you approach talking to the customer about the business.


Put aside the medium for a moment and think about crafting that message. Maybe you love pets, so you want your pet store to be there for your community and provide the best products possible for each individual pet because each pet is special.


Or, maybe your grocery story is providing products that no one else does, or maybe your expertise in the past means you can help customers discover new foods and flavors they otherwise never would have considered.


The point is, that your message will stem from your identity. Don’t make this too hard on yourself! Your brand’s story is simpler than you think.  


Spread Your Message


Now that we’ve got your message, we need to tailor it to the various mediums. Telling customers in person about your brand story is easy, but doing it over text and email is more effective.


Try using a Growth Marketing platform to get the word out. Offer up discounts to customers for their loyalty to let them know you offer a personalized touch to business. Or, simply send out a thank you message and remind them of what you’re all about.


Communication is what makes the world go round, so develop your story, and start spreading the word!


We hope this has helped you think a little more about communicating your brand to your customers. We wish you the best of luck, and if you’re looking for an easier way to run your business and get your brand story out there, schedule your free demo today to see why thousands of businesses trust Franpos to help them grow!   

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