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Ice Cream Shops Need eCommerce—Here’s Why

Ice cream is one of the few food items that tend not to do well with UberEats and DoorDash. The sweet treats coming out of your ice cream shop are as perishable as they are delicious. Taking too long in traffic would mean delivering ice cream soup!


However, just because ice cream shops thrive on brick-and-mortar sales doesn’t mean there’s no reason to get an online shop going. In fact, ice cream shops need eCommerce to grow and thrive—and there are several reasons why!


Interested? Here’s what you need to know about selling ice cream on the Internet—and, why you need to get on board!


Selling By The Pint


Selling individual ice cream scoops might give you razor-thin margins due to the toppings or flavors, but selling by the pint online gives your business more stability!


Offering your customers their favorite flavors by the pint gives you an opportunity to bring your experience into your customer’s homes! Plus, the consistent margins of selling by the pint can be a major asset to your business.


You can arrange weekly deliveries in a refrigerated truck or DIY a solution with coolers and ice! Either way, you can help your customers take your store’s experience home and increase your revenues while doing so!


Order Ahead


Another great reason to consider eCommerce is to enable your customers to “skip the lines” and order ahead!


Ordering ahead is a great way to build greater consistency and enable your guests to see the perks of signing up for your Growth Marketing programs and getting your restaurant online.


Imagine customers waiting in line, only to see others arrive, pick up their frozen treats, and leave—all before they’ve ordered! This experience incentivizes customers to seek out your online store for future orders—and check out your other products at the same time!


This nature means of advertising your store gives you the opportunity to promote your products without ever buying a billboard!


Final Thoughts


These are just two of the dozens of reasons you need to get on eCommerce as soon as you can! It’s mission-critical for your ice cream shop and getting ahead of the curve can put you miles ahead of the competition!


Not sure where to start? Franpos has you covered! Only Franpos integrates eCommerce, point of sale, Growth Marketing, and so many other features into one synchronized platform! You can grow your business with the push of a button.


Want to get your eCommerce started? Schedule a free demo with us today and see why ice cream shops like Menchies love Franpos!

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