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Influencer Marketing for Ghost Kitchens

Ghost Kitchens are a booming QSR disruptor that combines a minimalistic business model with high production and sales volumes. 

Ghost Kitchens only hire chefs that create amazing food and rely on sales of that food through third-party delivery services such as UberEats or Postmates. 

This minimalistic restaurant model keeps the overhead costs low for owners while maintaining high profits. 

The Ghost Kitchen model is profitable, minimalistic, and as futuristic as it gets. 


Ghost Kitchens and Influencer Marketing 


As of right now, Influencer Marketing is the most powerful channel to gain impressions and connect with customers. 

As influencers continue to gain the trust of prospective clients worldwide, it is essential businesses utilize this opportunity to drive conversions. 

By partnering with an influencer, Ghost Kitchens could create a huge internet presence and allow for thgrand opening to be maximized. 

If the right influencer announced the opening of a Ghost Kitchen in a local area, the results could be overwhelmingly positive. 

Especially if an incentive, such as discounted delivery or discounted appetizers are available, customers would flock to the Ghost Kitchen. 

As influencers have more power than ever, partnering with a ‘foodie’ or ‘lifestyle’ influencer could create huge awareness for the Ghost Kitchen. 

As awareness drives acquisition, it is highly recommended for Ghost Kitchens to partner with online influencers. 

This could greatly impact their metrics from day one and ensure their path to success. 


Final Thoughts on Ghost Kitchen Influencer Marketing



As of right now, so many influencers are partnered with UberEats.  

Online influencers often offer discount codes for delivery, food, along with recommending certain restaurants through UberEats.


As this partnership is already established, adding Ghost Kitchens to the mix would only benefit all parties involved. 

A streamlined partnership between influencers, Ghost Kitchens, and UberEats would truly increase awareness and therefore acquisition. 

As these high-volume, low-cost, restaurants continue to take over the QSR sphere, Franpos is here to help. 

If you are interested in marketing strategies, integrated delivery, or Ghost Kitchen software, you may book a free demo with one of our experts here. 

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