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Introducing the Franpos Resource Hub

We’re excited to launch the Franpos Resource Hub! This new page has so much to offer for our clients, business owners, and anyone looking to grow their brand!

Franpos new resource hub contains information, webinars, and videos about Franpos products. 


Not only does this platform provide Growth Marketing tips and tricks, but we actually provide free SMS/Email marketing templates that you may utilize for your business! 


These free SMS/Email marketing templates can teach you how to increase revenues through customer relations. 



Utilizing Franpos Resources 



Provided on the Franpos Resource Hub are examples of SMS/Email marketing campaigns that you may copy and paste into your Franpos Growth Marketing platform. 


These templates will go into depth about Franpos’ 16 marketing triggers, along with providing examples of industry-standard marketing messaging. 


Our goal is to make Franpos Growth Marketing easier than ever for our clients. 


We have seen a franchisee increase revenues by 24.6% through Franpos!


Additionally, an independent retailer increased revenues by 11.6% by properly utilizing managed growth marketing. 


Knowing these facts, we decided to provide as much information as possible so our clients can reap the many benefits of Growth Marketing. 


The Franpos Resource Hub provides SMS/Email marketing templates for the Pet Industry, Salon Sphere, and QSR industry. 


Additionally, we provide information about Franpos 16 marketing triggers and how you can apply these strategies to your business. 



Utilizing SMS/Email Resources 



To take advantage of these SMS/Email templates, all you need to do is copy & paste the template into Franpos: 


Growth Marketing -> Add Campaign -> Page 2 (Description) 


To learn the step-by-step process of launching a growth marketing campaign, you may learn more here. 


Franpos SMS/Email template may look something like this: 



[Insert Store Here] misses you! Here is an exclusive 15%-off discount on your next purchase! 

Code: Missyou15 


Simply copy & paste the SMS/Email into the description area, then change the [Insert Store Name] icon to the name of your business. 


These templates are simple, customizable, and will hopefully help as you write your own growth marketing campaigns! 


We will be enhancing the Franpos Resources page frequently, so check back often! 



Activate Franpos Growth Marketing 


A step by step process to turn on Growth Marketing can be found here. 


But, you can also do it by going to the following on your system: 



Settings -> My Plan & Billing -> Growth Marketing Add On 


The Franpos Resource Hub offers amazing tools, tricks, and templates to help our clients increase revenues through customer relations. 


We believe that these tools can expand your revenues longterm, and we are providing our clients with the resources to do just that! 


Make sure to check back frequently, as new webinars, videos, and marketing templates will be available for every industry. 


If you are interested in having marketing messages customized for your business, you may book a free demo here. 

The Franpos Resource Hub is Now Live!

Grow your business with free templates, tips & tricks, and videos designed to help you grow your business!
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