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Keeping Employees Satisfied at Your Restaurant

It’s no secret that keeping employees—particularly employees at small businesses and restaurants—has become incredibly difficult in the past year. 


The reasons for this are complicated and frankly, not part of what we’re hoping to solve today. Today, we’ll be talking about how to keep the employees you have happy and thriving at their jobs! And, hopefully, attract new employees through word of mouth. 


Happy employees mean happy customers and better profits, so to improve your business through more ways than one, here’s how to keep employees satisfied at the restaurant.  

Acknowledging the Issues 


You’ve got a lot on your plate as a business manager or owner—so it’s all too easy to attribute high turnover or low employee satisfaction to wages and wages alone. 


However, we know for a fact that most employees leave jobs because of a lack of appreciation—not wages. It’s best to rid yourself of that mindset now and take some time to acknowledge the issues at hand.  


Talk to your employees. What is working? What isn’t? From here, you can build your employee satisfaction playbook. 

Training and Reviews  


Now that you’ve located some problem areas with your team, it’s time to look at your training and review process. Do you implement seasonal or monthly review sessions? Do you take the time to communicate what is and is not working in the building in a formal capacity? 


It might seem like enough to make an off-hand comment at the end of a shift, but leaving time for reviews gives both you and your employee time to think, consider, and calmly communicate issues and successes. 


Likewise, regular training sessions give your employees the tools they need to move more efficiently and more effectively take care of customers.  


The Right Tools 


Finally, now that you’ve got training and satisfaction as a priority, you need the right tools for the job. And in restaurants, the right tools are often right on the register. 


Point of sale software like Franpos makes it lightning-fast to sign in and process orders. Plus, with training offered to get you started, you can have your employees moving faster than ever before. 

This is just one example—so look out of the tools that will grow your business and get your great success story moving forward! And, if you’d like to know more about the Franpos solution and why hundreds of restaurants use us to grow their business, you can schedule a free demo here. 


Good luck!  

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