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Keeping Your Restaurant Concept Successful This Fall

As summer begins to wind down into fall, news of the COVID-19 Delta variant has many worried about the future—and brings to mind the terror of lockdowns and lost revenue.


Of course, it’s worth stating right off the bat that uncertainty is going to continue to define 2021 and into 2022—but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit idly by and not be prepared for a possible partial shutdown or increased logistical issues in the fall.


Let’s learn from the lessons of the past and make sure that, no matter what, your restaurant concept doesn’t need to be scared of the fall and what all it may bring. Here are a few ways to prepare and ensure your revenue isn’t impacted in any meaningful way.


Don’t Shut Down Your Online Options


A lot of restaurants took the time to set up a temporary or bare-bones online system to ensure they could sell during the worst of 2020. However, just because things are looking up doesn’t mean it’s time to shut those options down.


2021, 2022, and in the years to come, online options are here to stay—and it’s time to start thinking not about shutting down online options but ensuring that they’re set to run permanently as a seamless extension of your concept.


Look for tech and point of sale solutions that are designed to tie your eCommerce into your brand on a fundamental level. For example, the Franpos solution connects your inventory and availability online right into your existing register and back of house solution. That means that online orders are pushed directly to the register for fulfillment, and you’ll never sell products you don’t have.


So sit down, work out the math, and build a better online brand. That won’t go away no matter what.

Maintaining Flexibility


To manage profits and reduce inefficient operations, you need to be prepared to tweak as you go to make sure you’re maximizing your community’s needs at the right time, and as they change.

For example, if you maintain your business hours without considering when traffic patterns and schedules shift, you may be closing your doors on good business—or, keeping your doors open before or after your customers want your food!


Smart point of sale software like Franpos tells you exactly when profits and labor are good, and when they are not. Don’t be scared to close for a few hours in the early afternoon, or extend your hours into the evening. And should the worst happen and shutdowns begin again, you can make sure you’re open when your customers want your food for pickup or delivery.

Final Thoughts


Don’t let the hard-won lessons of last year go to waste. We live in an ever-changing environment. With smart technology and a flexible mindset, you’ll be ready for whatever fall brings to you.


And, if you’re interested in a solution that’s designed to grow your business and let you focus on what really matters, give us a shout and schedule a free demo today to see why hundreds of restaurants trust the Franpos solution to grow their business.

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