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Marketing Basics for Businesses

Marketing is communicating the value of your product/service to customers. 


This process of communication is essential to curating a successful business. 


Without communication, an amazing product can never be bought/sold to customers


There are many marketing channels available that you can utilize for your business, and these channels can communicate value. 


Traditional Marketing  


Marketing is a vague term that is often tossed around in the business world. 


There are many traditional marketing channels and you can use these tactics to better your business practices.


Compared to growth marketing – traditional marketing is primarily focused on awareness and acquisition, or purchasing. 


This means that traditional marketing focuses on communicating the value of your business, so customers may become aware of the product/service. 


After awareness, the customers purchase or acquire the product/service. 


These are the first two steps within the buyer’s journey, which is the primary goal of traditional marketing. 


Some examples of traditional marketing can be social media strategies, physical ads/posters, eCommerce sites & SEO optimization, and influencer/affiliate marketing. 


Social Media Strategy  


Social Media is the most powerful marketing tool as of right now. 


This can benefit businesses because social media presence is essentially free. 


Additionally, social media presence can help create a branding identity for your business.  


This can be implemented through themed posts, wording, and even color schemes. 


The ability to create a branding identity through social media is extremely beneficial due to the fact that social media is so lowcost. 


The number one tool to successfully marketing over social media is consistent content.  


This can be tracked and implemented through content calendars, photoshoots, or even iPhone content that is relevant to your brand. 


Physical Ads 


Physical Ads can be expressed through billboards, stickers, or posters placed in strategic locations to create awareness. 


Previous to Covid-19, crowded/popular areas were an amazing way to create awareness for your brand. 


Now, as crowds have become less common, physical ads may not be seen as frequently. 


On the contrary, physical ads from competitors may be decreasing, as businesses are pulling back from physical ads. 


Given the circumstances, certain essential businesses are still crowded with high foot-traffic. 


At Franpos, we believe the economic climate can provide an opportunity for physical ads to be beneficial as competition is decreasing.  


eCommerce Site and Optimization  


Businesses that had previously conducted sales in-store by utilizing foot-traffic are recommended to shift focus on eCommerce. 


This would not only expand sales opportunities, but it would create an online platform for the business that would be available globally. 


eCommerce marketing can additionally expand your customer base and reputation while conducting sales online. 


eCommerce is the basis of online marketing, but it can be taken a step further with SEO optimizations. 


You can optimize your SEO by consistently creating content, strategically utilizing Keywords. 


Influencer/Affiliate Marketing 


Influencers are a new component of marketing, which is primarily beneficial for online sales/retailers. 


Influencers are Individuals on social media such as Instagram, Youtubeblogs, or podcasts that have a large following. 


These individuals can be paid to mention or market your product to their fanbase, which can increase awareness about your brand. 


Final Thoughts 


All of these tactics encompass the basics of traditional marketing, aimed to create awareness and acquisition. 


I hope that this article has been beneficial to your business, and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.


If you would like to book a free marketing consultation with one of our specialists, you may do so here.

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