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Marketing During Uncertain Times

We’re sure after last year you keep up with the latest news regarding the pandemic. And while summer seemed like the light at the end of a long and dark tunnel, variants and re-implemented mask mandates have some business owners justifiably scared of the future.


Of course, no one alive can predict how the fall is going to go, but what we can do is take advantage of the experiences we had last year and better understand how we can keep businesses running during uncertain times.


Scared of the fall and another outbreak impacting your business? Calm your nerves and get your action plan together by reading ahead on how to market your business during uncertain times.


Offer Options to Everyone


Everyone is dealing with the news in different ways. Some are continuing to go about their daily lives, while others are more cautious and want to be careful about who they are around.


What’s important is that you offer options to everyone, and make sure that anyone can access your goods and services.


That means making sure your online storefront is looking beautiful for those who wish to order online and avoid in-store shopping. It also means making sure the layout of your store promotes distancing between parties and helping those who do choose to come inside feel more comfortable.

As a business, you don’t want to take a hard stance in either direction that could alienate our customers. So instead, focus your efforts on reaching your customers no matter what their stances are and wherever they may be.

Make Some Hourly Adjustments


When things get uncertain, labor costs tend to go up. It’s already hard enough to keep good talent around—so how do you make sure you care for your employees and keep your business open?


With a point-of-sale system like Franpos, you can take control of your operations and make adjustments in hours to make sure you can pay your workers and stay in the green.


Take a look at your detailed sales reports on your Franpos or another point of sale system. Note the hours that sell and the hours that don’t. It may be good to open later and close earlier, or vice versa.


Hours will also change if more people return to working from home, so be mindful to adjust and be flexible accordingly, and to notify your customers of these changes using your Growth Marketing platform.

Finding Innovative Solutions


So if things become more complicated this fall, don’t fear! You can use your knowledge and powerful technology solutions to be far better prepared for round two than you ever were during round one.


What’s important is to be positive, be flexible, and work smarter—not harder.


And, if you want to work smarter and simply the technology you’re working with, try out a free demo of the Franpos system. Only Franpos lets you run all aspects of your business, from Growth Marketing to eCommerce and so much more, all from your register!

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