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Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

With so many sales and marketing channels available, it is essential for businesses to meet customers where they are. 


This statement can be interpreted in various ways. Let’s go over how you can connect to your customers in 2020 and beyond. 

Maintaining Flexibility for Customers 


Flexibility within business is everything. 


As technology rapidly evolves and the economic climate adjusts accordingly, it is essential for businesses to stay flexible. This means offering your product or service in a way that keeps your customers interested. 


This can be implemented by offering delivery, athome services, or even curbside pickup for your brand. 


Considering customer preferences are everchanging, and with more competition than ever, it is critical that you meeyour customers where they are. 

Driving Delivery 


If your store is losing foot traffic because of the current economic climate, it is importantand necessary, to open an online store. 


eCommerce sales have actually doubled during 2020, and your business should be taking advantage of this opportunityNot only does eCommerce increase revenues online, but it opens the door for delivery opportunities as well! 


As customers are more inclined than ever to have items delivered to their doorstep, your business should be following this trend. Whether customers are looking for delivery at their home, business, or post office, meeting customer’s expectations is essential. 


At Franpos, we offer three amazing delivery options for eCommerce products to delivery.  


  1. Self-Delivery: Franpos SelfDelivery gives our clients the ability to ‘Self’ deliver their products to customers. This can be implemented through a business delivery fleet that provides delivery options within a specific area. 

  2. Postmates x FranposFranpos recently partnered with the powerhouse of delivery, Postmates. This partnership offers an innovative delivery substitute for the low price of $2.99 per item delivered. The Postmates driver will pick up the item from your storefront, and deliver it to your customer at lightning speed. All of this can be tracked and handled through your Franpos app. 

  3. Standard Delivery- With Standard delivery, your Franpos system will automatically deduct your inventory amounts as items are sent out for delivery. In addition, our automated inventory replenishes any stock real-time, as inventory fluctuates. 

Final Thoughts 


Meet your customers where they’re at! 


Whether it be at home, in the office, or at a specified location, your ability to meet your customer’s expectations in various ways will keep you ahead. 


At Franpos, we are always thinking of creative ways for our clients to connect with their customers. 


Today, we believe meeting customer’s where they’re at, in any form, will keep you ahead of your competition.  

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