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Need Customers? Why Your eCommerce Platform Matters

Online sales are skyrocketing right now, and some eCommerce sites are hitting their highest numbers in history. eCommerce sales have doubled this year and show no signs of slowing down. Even during these unprecedented times, consumers are still in need of their favorite products.  

So here’s what clear to us: If youeCommerce platform isn’t fully optimized or easily traversable by your prospective customers, you are missing out on sales right now.   

But what makes a website optimized in the first place? 

User-focused Website Design 

eCommerce Design includes clear and concise product shots/descriptions, easy payment processing options, and a branding formula that is applied throughout the whole layout.  

A high-quality website is designed with the consumer in mind. Interfaces should be easy to use and focus on converting traffic into sales.  

In addition, integrated SEO, or search engine optimization, will make your website easily found on large platforms such as Google. High-quality SEO also results in higher success rates for paid promotions.  With integrated SEO, algorithms are better able to appeal to your target consumer through your brand’s keywords.  

Since eCommerce is about optimizing your website to ensure success, your website must present perfectly no matter which platform or screen size the end-user is operating. High-quality eCommerce platforms utilize dynamic web design that adjusts perfectly to the restrictions of any screen.  

That way, your customers have the same great experience on their phones as they do on their largest monitors. And, with two-thirds of eCommerce sales occurring on multiple platforms, making your mobile user experience perfect will pay dividends in the long-run 

Picking the Right Platform 

There are many misleading designers and online platforms that claim website optimization. 

These brands often claim to be well-equipped in eCommerce but are actually outsourcing and curating websites through platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify.  

DIY site-builders like these are often not made for large amounts of online traffic and may crash often under heavy loads. Those online layouts are often formulaic, dissatisfying, and reused throughout thousands of brands.  

End users are often unable to distinguish one online marketplace from the other due to the proliferation of cookie-cutter, plain designs. Unfortunately, your brand’s identity is often lost in digital monotony 

Even Shopify, the top ‘eCommerce’ site, utilizes such layouts and can struggle with integrating even mediumsized inventories. 

Even with the “right” eCommerce platform, integrating online inventory with your actual stock can cost you thousands of hours in reconciliation. Without an integrated system, launching on eCommerce may mean causing more problems more so than generating more revenue.  

Where to Go from Here 

It’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve with a hand-built eCommerce platform designed for growth, with seamless integration with your existing inventory and CRM.  

All-in-one software such as the Franpos system will ensure a quick and painless user experience while eliminating inventory reconciliation entirely. By streamlining your business, you open your business up to more revenue and more success during the current eCommerce boom. 

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