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Pandemic Rules Are Lightening Up—Here’s Why Ghost Kitchens Are Still A Great Idea

Things are finally calming down from the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that means everyone from the national government to massive corporations like Microsoft are lowering or loosening any remaining COVID restrictions.

That’s great news for business owners! But for those who started up ghost kitchens during the pandemic years, while you may personally enjoy these restrictions making operations easier, you may also fear that a rush to return to the brick and mortar restaurants may mean a loss in profit.


But don’t fear! Just because things have shifted yet again doesn’t mean that this low-overhead, high-efficiency restaurant concept is going anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s why running a ghost kitchen isn’t just a great idea post-pandemic, but easier than ever thanks to smart technology like Franpos.


Convenience is Convenience (No Matter What)


As with many things in 2020, the pandemic forced everyone—including your customer base—to adapt and change the way they lived. One of those changes was shifting their dining habits to be centered around the mobile apps that define the spaces on which ghost kitchens inhabit.


While people may still enjoy going out from time to time, the convenience of hitting a button and having food brought right to your door is still just as convenient. There’s no reason to assume customers will forget how simple, efficient and frictionless it was to order from your ghost kitchen.


They’ve Got One Menu. You’ve Got Many


The other major selling point of a ghost kitchen (that is, selling multiple items spanning different menus and cuisines) is still an advantage that ghost kitchens have over traditional brick-and-mortar food services. That market advantage again does not go away with pandemic rules and restrictions.


Our advice? Keep pressing your benefits to your customers in any way you can. Utilize your customer lists to continue sending communications on a Growth Marketing platform and remind customers that the reason they love your brand hasn’t changed.  


Working Smarter—Not Harder—with a Franpos Solution


Finally, one of the many ways you can continue to thrive in the post-pandemic years is by utilizing a smart data-driven commerce platform like Franpos.


Franpos is built for ghosts kitchens like yours—so handing multiple menus isn’t an issue. Plus, you can set and forget growth marketing emails and texts to go out to your customers with our hand-crafted triggers. It’s simple and takes minutes to set up!


Franpos handles it all, from point of sale management to employee time clocks, a beautiful eCommerce platform to sell products, and much more.


So don’t worry about the future—because it’s brighter for ghost kitchens than you think! And if you’re ready to take your ghost kitchen concept to the next level, schedule your free demo today and see why thousands of businesses rely on the Franpos solution to grow their revenue!

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