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Ghost Kitchens Point of Sale

Ghost Kitchens Point of Sale

Point of Sale for Ghost Kitchens allows for customers to order multiple cuisine options, all with one delivery and streamlined ticket price.

The rising term, Ghost Kitchens, have greatly impacted the QSR and delivery sphere.

These industry disruptors are allowing for multiple restaurants to form strategic partnerships, all under one roof.

This allows for customers to order multiple cuisine options, all with one delivery and streamlined ticket price.

Not only do Ghost Kitchens maximize consumer convenience, but they maximize owner profits as well.

As Ghost Kitchens are focused on sales and delivery, their POS system must be as robust as possible.

Point of Sale for Ghost Kitchens

As many Ghost Kitchens host multiple restaurants under one menu, it is so important that their Point-of-Sale system is robust enough to handle the combination of multiple restaurants on one ticket.

At Franpos, we specialize in Point of Sale for Ghost Kitchens.

Our software is one of the first on the market, to handle multiple partner restaurants that can be streamlined to one ticket.

Whether customers order from your website, or a third-party delivery service, your Franpos Point of Sale system can streamline multiple tickets from differing kitchens onto one ticket.

Franpos ability to combine ticket prices for your customers makes Franpos the ideal Point of Sale for Ghost Kitchens.

Point of Sale is essential to businesses, especially in regards to combination Ghost Kitchens.

These establishments require a robust system that can streamline orders onto one ticket from any platform.

Point of Sale for Ghost Kitchen Delivery


Not only does Franpos streamline multiple menus onto one ticket, but we streamline delivery as well.

Franpos has partnered with Postmates to ensure your customers can order from your store and receive delivery through a reputable third-party service.

This allows for a delivery process that keeps charges minimized for your customers.

Not only can the Franpos x Postmates delivery function embed into your branded app, but it can lower operations costs from both an owner and consumer perspective.

Third-party delivery fees can almost double your customer’s ticket price, in addition to hidden service costs.

With Franpos Delivery, we partnered with Postmates for a flat fee of $4.99.

With Franpos delivery, there are zero hidden fees.

No small cart fees, no delivery fees, no service fees, and we do not require tips.

This can save customers up to $10 in unnecessary fees from services such as UberEats, and DoorDash.

Franpos minimizes customer costs while maximizing your sales.

As customers are more inclined to order from restaurants with lower delivery fees, Franpos can ensure your customer’s satisfaction time and time again.

All functions of delivery will be streamlined to your Franpos Point of Sale System.

This includes tips, tickets, and the ability to print and fulfil orders.

Conclusion to Ghost Kitchen Point of Sale


Franpos delivery solution for Ghost Kitchens is the ideal Point of Sale system for restaurants.

We offer software that streamlines multiple Ghost Kitchens partners onto one ticket, in addition to integrated delivery at a flat fee of $4.99.

Franpos keeps you in mind, as we offer software that keeps your business competitive.

Your Ghost Kitchen can stay ahead of the curve with our robust point of sale system.

Our lighting fast hardware is paired with amazing software, so you can stay ahead.

If you are interested In learning more about our Point of Sale for Ghost Kitchens you may book a free demo here!

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